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An Overview of Electric Paper Cutters

Jun 27, 2008
If you work in an office or a school setting then you've probably had at least a little bit of experience with the traditional paper cutter. For example, you might have printed up announcements that were set up two-to-a-page which required you to cut all of the printed sheets in half for distribution. The traditional paper cutter with the arm you lift and drop at the place you want the paper cut is fine for small jobs but you probably loathed this work if you had a large stack of papers to be dealt with. It would have done you a lot of good at this time to know about electric paper cutters.

Electric paper cutters are designed to do the same job that the traditional paper cutter does but without requiring the user to go through any hard work. The individual who uses this type of equipment will simply place the paper inside of the machine, adjust the settings appropriately and then press the button to start the job. The machine will do all of the work and the individual will be left with a stack of perfectly cut papers. There will be no problems with crooked cutting or paper cuts like there often is when cutting a huge stack of papers by hand.

The most important reason that people in offices look into purchasing electric paper cutters is because they want to save on the time and energy spent on manual cutting of papers. However, there are also other benefits to using electric paper cutters. One is that there is much better accuracy with these machines. Another is that electric paper cutters are traditionally safer for use than the old manual style of cutting paper. Enhancing speed, accuracy and safety of projects is good for all types of business settings.

People who are interested in investing in electric paper cutters have to know what to look for before making this sort of purchase. Keeping in mind the goals of speed, accuracy and safety will assist you in doing this type of shopping. The first thing that you'll look for is the speed of the machine. Pay attention to the volume of work that it can handle because speed is reduced if you have to divide projects into smaller pieces. Next, look for clues regarding accuracy. Modern electric paper cutters have advanced LED screens that make it possible to choose a variety of different settings to increase the accuracy of the work. And finally, review the safety features of any machine that you are considering purchasing.

So what can you expect to pay for this type of equipment? The truth is that prices of electric paper cutters vary significantly depending on the type of machine that you choose. A simple machine designed for use in the small business office is probably going to run between $2000 and $5000. In contrast, a large machine designed for use by a big corporation, printing center or university is going to be in the price range of $10,000 to $15,000. When considering the cost of the equipment, remember to weigh it against the cost of time lost to doing this type of work by hand.

Once you've made your choice out of all of the electric paper cutters that you've reviewed, you should follow the same steps that you follow with any other type of equipment. Read the instructions carefully. Test the product out on small projects before using it on big ones. And make sure that you're smart about caring for it and cleaning it as needed. These machines can vastly simplify your life but need cleaning and maintenance just as any other piece of equipment requires.
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