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5Linx - An Authoritative Review Of An Industry Sleeper

Jun 27, 2008
There are a number of products that can be promoted and distributed through network marketing, so it probably did not come as a surprise that a fledgling company in 2001 began offering telecommunications services. Since then, it has begun recruiting agents to help sell these packaged services and recruit new agents as downlines. The company is called 5Linx. Is it worth joining? Find out in this review.

The company

5Linx is one of the few multi-level marketing companies engaged in the distribution of telecommunications services. It's a newcomer in the field, having only been founded in 2001.

The products

There are various 5Linx products and services that customers can choose from. These include packaged services in mobile phones, VoIP and satellite TV. VoIP services are offered for both corporate and residential clients.

The business

Make no mistake about it - 5Linx is a multi-level marketing company and as such, is structured as one. In terms of viability, 5Linx happens to be partners with some of the most reputable companies in the U.S., including AT&T, Suncom, Nextel, Sprint and Alltel. They also offer broadband internet (under the brand ZoomLinx™) using some of the leading providers in the country.

A refreshing aspect about 5Linx the company is that they have been honest about offering no guarantees to agents, even going so far as to declare that the income generated from their business will depend largely on the individual agent's efforts.

They also do not hide the computations for their commissions and possible earnings, which, as of today, are still relatively low compared to other network marketing companies. Consider, for example, that the average earnings of a 5Linx customer representative will be around $55 while the IMR or Independent Marketing Representative can earn about $260. Those are annual figures.

However, a much more lucrative compensation awaits those who have attained higher positions in the organization. The Senior Vice President, for example, can expect to earn an average of about $235,000.

Support for agents is also top-notch. The company offers a training kit to new recruits containing the necessary marketing materials to help them begin their own businesses. Agents can also make use of their own personal websites which 5Linx equips with their own virtual toll booths that run 24/7.

Training is also offered to new agents via 5Linx' marketing specialists. These are one-on-one sessions designed to help inexperienced agents find their footing in the industry.

Since the company does not require any monthly quotas, agents are pretty much left on their own to decide how much they can earn based on the number of packages they sell. The company also gets good points for not allowing territory restrictions, which pretty much lets agents expand their markets to their liking.

Should you join?

The company is rather upfront about what you can expect when joining their company. However, if you feel that you can sell the products effectively and build a strong network system, then you probably should consider 5Linx. Remember that the higher you rise in the network's organization, the bigger payout you can expect.

5Linx is still relatively new, which probably makes it a very attractive and potentially lucrative business to people who wish to enter a new field in network marketing. It remains in its dark horse status but it is backed by highly experienced management and seems a very promising venture for those who wish to become part of its industry.

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