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4 Top Games Downloading Stats

Jun 27, 2008
The following is a list of games downloading stats from around the world.

1. University challenge

In a Brunel survey of over 200 frequent gamers, over 80% admitted that they would download games at some stage in their life. Among 15 to 18 year olds, this figure rises to nearly 84%.

The survey also revealed:

A: 72% said they would download a cracked game if they had to wait for it to be released in their own country.

B: 65% believe their chances of getting caught are low.

C: 80% find it easy to download games.

2. Downloading up

Sales of disk based PC games in the United States have fallen to $953 million from $1.5 billion since 2001. But according to data from market researcher IDC, sales of PC game downloads are likely to grow to $763 million by 2008.

In addition, mobile phone game downloads are expected to generate $7.2bn annually worldwide by 2011, increasing from $2.4bn in 2006.

3. Not a very macro vision

The Macrovision Corporation performed a gaming piracy study by surveying around 6000 console users. It claims that 21% have played pirated games, but 73% of them would have purchased the game within four weeks if the free version hadn't been available.

The study also showed that 43% of all the people who download full games did so over 15 times a year, with 74% of downloaded games coming from P2P networks, and 21% being copied from friends. 64% of game downloaders have also installed mod chips in their consoles.

In response to this survey, Macrovision stated that 'This high level of piracy on console systems is surprising'. Nothing of course, to do with the fact that Macrovision were attempting to sell their copy protection services to Microsoft and Sony.

The way the data was collected is also regarded as dubious, with subjects being selected from game review websites, pre-biasing the information to video game enthusiasts with Internet connections.

4. It takes all sorts

The typical view is that Internet gamers are predominantly made up of teenage boys, but Nielsen Entertainment's 'Active Gamer Benchmark Study' claims that 64% of online gamers are in fact women.

And while playing video games has traditionally been regarded as a solitary activity, the study shows that gamers usually spend more than five hours every week playing socially and meeting new people online.

The teenage market still dominates, totalling more than 15 million players, but around 8% are now 45 or older, helping to confirm the belief that this genre is indeed for everyone.
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