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Selecting A Niche Using 3 Google Search Commands

Jun 27, 2008
Ok, you're ready to start selling something! Great. Now, let's make sure we aren't competing against too many other sites. First things first. We need to select a keyword phrase. A keyword phrase is what search engine users will type into the search engine when looking for a product or service.

Since most web users use the Google Search engine I will be discussing Google commands. To gauge the number of competing sites in our niche we will perform a Google search using our phrase in quotes. An example would be "garmin nuvi gps navigation".

Ok, our results should be under 50,000. Anything more makes SEO optimization a bit difficult. This gives a general overview of the competition on the internet for that phrase.

Next, we will see how many websites have the phrase in their pages title tag. Let's go to Google.com and search for: allintitle:"garmin nuvi gps navigation"

Here, we're looking for a total result of 5000 or less (less is better). At this current time there are 324 websites that have specifically designed pages to fit that phrase. That, my friends is your true competition. Your SEO and website needs to be better that those results.

The final Google command that we will be discussing is allinanchor. First, what is anchor text. Anchor text is the visible link text in a url.

The anchor text (or visible text) would be: Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation, not my website name. Anchor text should be very keyword rich and if often one of the best ways to achieve an increased SERP. Instead of choosing example.org as my anchor text I have instead chosen a keyword rich anchor text (like Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation).

When searching for allinanchor:"my niche phrase" your results should be 5000 or less (the lower the better). The final Google command to use when searching for a niche is allinurl:"my niche phrase". Allinurl is just as important as allintitle. Allinurl results means that your competition has designed and named a page around your niche phrase. An example would be www(dot)exampledomain(dot)org/examplepage(dot)htm

We need to make sure that there are a very low number of results returned. In this case 1000 or less will do (less is better).

So, those are the 3 Google commands I use to help me select a prospective niche. I hope this article makes sense and helps you find prospective niches.
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The example website: Garmin GPS was selected as my example
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