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How to Get Off the Network Marketing Roller Coaster

Jun 27, 2008
Do your emotions about your business change day to day or even hour to hour?

Have you ever placed an ad you thought would work, but got little response?

Sponsored a super star who told you they were going to recruit a lot of people for you and make you a lot of money, but turned up in the Witness Protection program i.e. they disappeared never to be heard from again?

Anticipated getting a lot of opt-ins on this fantastic Adwords campaign you were running, but instead lost your "shirt"...and your pants too?

Gotten so frustrated because you couldn't figure out this Internet marketing thingy?

Those are the ups and downs of any kind of business. I say "ups" because you should have learned something from your mistakes, if not then you truly have failed.

Nevertheless, you should not let your emotions get the best of you...good or bad.

If every time you get an opt-in into your website you want to break out the champagne glasses, then maybe you're taking it too far in the other direction.

I think it's the extreme ends of the spectrums where people have the most challenges.

I remember hearing the story of a famous coach, I can't remember who, but he said to his players, when someone walks into the locker room after a game, they shouldn't be able to tell if you won or loss.

That was profound. No one wants to ride an emotional roller coaster of their business...everyday.

That gets too exhausting. It can lead to anger, frustration, and anxiety about your business, not to mention self-doubt about you and your capabilities.

You have to nip it in the bud. If you sponsor what you think is going to be a power house into your business, before you go and do the happy dance, just be even keeled and see what they're going to do.

If you only got 1 opt-in today to your website, where you used to get 20 a day, find joy in satisfaction in that one opt-in; be grateful for what you have.

There are people who would be grateful to get just one opt-in a week. There's always someone else who is worse off than you.

If you can't seem to get this internet marketing stuff, just break it down into small manageable pieces so you can understand it.

Sometimes you need to take a breath, meditate, look at your goals, or take a short break and then come back to to your task at hand.

Tell yourself that you will control your emotions about your business.

When you get off the MLM emotional roller, issues that before would cripple you have lost their power over you.
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