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How To Stand Out In Internet Network Marketing

Jun 27, 2008
How is it possible to make sure you are known when you enter the world-wide web? With the huge community of pages and pages of information and millions of players how can you stand out? With internet network marketing and knowing that the marketing part is crucial, what enables you to succeed?

In conventional marketing there is branding. Branding is still a requirement of the internet. Unless you stand out from the masses of others plying their business in varying degrees of intensity, how are you ever going to make it? As the internet is a relatively impersonal place with little direct presence of yourself actually there, you need something powerful to have an effect.

Personality on the Web
Images and sounds will help. This as as close as the real contact in the real world can be, It explains the success of the MySpace and Facebook formats. And if you do happen to stumble across some such site while doing a search the effect of a video which can be played almost immediately is quite profound. Elements of the poster's personality are evident immediately. Even those non-verbal cues like eye contact and body responses as the person speaks give large volumes of information that the written page cannot quite match.

Your Purpose
But is it is well to remember, before you place an on-line video, that you need a purpose to be there. Or at least if you are pursuing internet network marketing you need that. Why do you you want to enter the web and what are you offering? This clarity, a bit akin to that recommended by Napoleon Hill in his classic "Think and Grow Rich", is important. As one of his strategies he suggests you need to have a goal (monetary in the case of the book) that you are aiming for, that you have a date by which you wish to attain that, and that you know what value you are going to give in exchange for it. Similarly we need some clarity about our purpose before we launch onto the world wide web in search of internet mlm success.

Growth And Flexibility
In some ways though, you can never be absolutely sure of what exactly you will be and how you will run things on the web until you get on it. As you become involved in the community your ideas begin to clarify. Having to put out there what you believe and have experienced crystallizes some of your reasons and aspirations. Feedback from your forays will redirect you as well. Some approaches and ideas produce more fruit than others. And like any savvy marketer you need to take heed of these responses to adjust what and how you are doing your work. In itself this is hugely useful. Your business will be in a state of flux finding your path. But if you respond appropriately and learn from your mistakes (and there is no way you will not make some of these) then you will be a much better network marketer for it.

What sort of things help your branding?

Your Story
Well your past experience is always helpful. And it is a natural point to work from. We are the product of our upbringing and the events that happen to us along life's way. The story of your history is always interesting to people and creates an element of kinship. Of course there are those out there who will not relate to you. But the value of the web is the in the huge numbers of people out there. The more there are, the more chance we will have of encountering someone who relates to us. So we do not need to be bland and inoffensive. By creating a larger-than-life character in a way you create a powerful magnetic attraction to those with a similar or related bent. That shared identity and understanding creates the beginnings of rapport and that vital trust that allows for more direct communication. So never forget the importance of the story of you.

With the constant amount of entertainment we are all exposed to it is important to be entertaining. Remember that stories sell and facts tell. By relating you daily life stories you will engage people further. Letting them know of amusing happenings and changes you are going through you also create more of that personality that we are used to relating to in the live situation.

So do not be afraid of relating those embarrassing or annoying moments - you don't want to be too personal - but at least people are quite likely to be able to connect with it.

Remember in network marketing people also relate and stay with the person more than with the opportunity. By being a compelling person you create even stronger attraction.

Your Company
The value you have in your company is also important. For some reason it was important to you. and for those who will most likely respond this will be important too. Being able to feel your enthusiasm for it will translate across the medium too.

Clear messages of what you are seeking and hoping for also helps. It is easier to relate to a strong personality. And if you want to retain people it is important to have a clear point of difference from others out there. You can afford to be outrageous to a degree, especially if it reinforces your brand.

Make sure you respond quickly and consistently to your contacts. With the flaky world that is out there that assurance of consistency creates great trust and loyalty.

Multiple Exposures
Chose several mediums to work with. As people are present in different areas of the web if your mlm home business is going to find the right people you need to be exposed in a large number of places to find those people you are looking for in large enough numbers to ensure that no matter how fickle these wandering net people are, they will find you and stick with you.

Your Persona
Over time you will develop a persona on the web. And your particular strengths will become more clear. You can add this to your contact details to reinforce this even more. In this way you become more compelling by having a clear message as to who exactly you are and what you stand for. It creates a greater polarity. But that stronger differentiation creates even stronger attraction as it creates stronger repulsion for some. But you only want those who are going to respond well to you anyway. Why not make it even more secure.

Finally, it may not always be the best to promote your company first. People are always keen for information and connection. Once this is well established they become more curious about who you really are and what mlm business you are involved with. A more natural inquiry and response can be created very readily.
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