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My Internet Millionaire Challenge

Aug 17, 2007
I have seen so many claims by Internet "Millionaires" selling their secrets that I've decided to issue my own challenge.

Take me from zero to $10,000 per month PROFIT in six months and I'll give you half of my PROFITS for that period as a consulting fee. Not a particularly lofty goal considering the claims I've seen made, but let's see if any of the "gurus" are up to the challenge. I will also provide testimonials in whatever form you like - written, oral, video, etc.

I have seen endless screenshots of checking account and PayPal deposits - what is NOT shown is how much was spent to realize that revenue? This is known in the business world as "cost of sales". For example, if I spend $9,950 and 100 hours of my time to realize $10,000 in sales revenues, I've made a profit of $50. These figures calculate out to 50 cents per hour. Not a particularly good wage from my perspective.

I have also seen numerous websites, advertisements, e-mails, etc. promoting the latest, hottest "system" to make incredible sums of money in a relatively short timeframe. Again, what is NOT revealed is that the bulk of the people marketing these programs are not making the money promised. I'm certain that the principals can and do make money by leveraging the efforts of the network marketers to sell their product. The question is: how do the working stiffs achieve these income levels?

If any of the Internet "Millionaires" can answer these questions and feel tempted to take me up on this challenge, here are the things you should know - like most people trying to make money on the internet:

I don't have any downline to speak of.
I don't have my own opt-in e-mail list.
I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising.
I won't buy a bunch of inventory of the greatest product since fried ice cream - been there, done that.
I am done calling prospects that aren't really interested in the products or opportunities I have to offer.
I won't base a business on selling Internet "millionaire secrets" until I've tried them - and they work.
I am tired of buying (or even downloading for free in exchange for my e-mail address) the latest and greatest, highest profit program/secrets/system.
I will not lie, mislead, or misrepresent myself or my PROFIT level in order to promote ANYTHING.

I do have some good, basic computer skills, and thought I knew the internet pretty well until I started getting involved in trying to make money on the internet.
I do have some money to advertise and promote, and I'm willing to re-invest my profits.
I am a quick study and can follow directions.
I have good communication skills - I know how to blog, and I've written several articles that are published.
I can spend 30 to 40 hours a week on a business.

While I may sound like a cynic, I do firmly believe that there are people out there making good money on the internet, and doing it in an ethical and moral manner. The problem is, how do we tell who is for real and who is just hype?

I am specifically issuing this challenge to Robert Allen, Stephan Ducharme, Declan Dunn, Stephen Mahaney, Ken McCarthy, Jonathan Mizel, Monique Harris, Jay Abraham, Paul Myers, Jim Daniels, Michel Fortin, Kevin Needham, Chayden Bates, Phil Wiley, Sam Robbins, Jimmy D. Brown, Scot Dantzer, Peter Sun, Ken Silver, Frank Garon, Dale Armin Miller, Brent Winters, David Garfinkel, Jay Conrad Levinson, Mike Enlow, Mike Chen, Armand Morin, Joe Vitale, Cory Rudl, Terry Dean, Dan Kennedy, Mark Joyner, and whoever else out there thinks that they can teach a newcomer to internet marketing how to REALLY achieve success.
About the Author
Bill Cox is an entrepreneur and Network Marketer learning to capitalize on the power of the internet to build multiple income streams.

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