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Creating The Conditions For The Perfect Moving Experience

Jun 27, 2008
Are you nervous about working with an international moving company? You are not alone. Many people each year are busy checking references and reports about the work of international moving companies, in search for trustworthy names and services. Here are some tips that can help you create the ideal condition for establishing a great moving experience.

The key to finding a good international moving company is to establish a rapport and open line of communication with your movers before any troubles arise to the surface.

Any unusual situations? Let your international moving company know

Before you even begin to move, make sure that you let your moving company know of any unusual situations or circumstances that may arise during the course of your moving schedule. Make sure any problems unusual circumstances that may arise during the move. For instance, make sure the mover understands about any parking problem situations, street or building accessibility, restrictions that have to do with the delivery time, any elevators or stairs that may be involved, or any customs inspections problems or concerns that you may be concerned about.

If you are flying cargo via air, make sure you
understand the restrictions about what can and cannot be transported via air. Most international moving companies are good about these things, but you should still feel free to air any concerns you may have about the move.

Make sure that you understand any extra costs or charges you may incur

One of the things that nearly all leaves causes discord between mover and client has to do with the cost of moving. Your best bet to avoid any troubles in this area is to read the contract very carefully before signing on the dotted line. Most of the time, if your international moving company is totally legitimate, all passed through costs that may be inferred during the process of moving will be noted in the contract.

Of course, much of this information you will find in the fine print. This is why it is so important to you read your entire contract. Understand all the clauses and the risk you will be incurring by working with certain international moving companies over others.

Learn the reputation of your potential international moving company

If your moving company is based in the United States, there is a very good chance that you will be able to learn more about the company by contacting your local Better Business Bureau. This agency collects data, including complaints on all kinds of companies, and presents the information to the public. Does your prospective international moving company have a compilation of complaints, resolved or unresolved?

You may also want to check with friends and family members who have experience with moving items across national borders in order to mine them for personal experiences with movers. Do not be alarmed if your moving company has had a few complaints lodged against them. However, you should definitely be concerned if the company appears to have compiled a long list of complaints.

Contact the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)

If you are using a mover that will be helping you move across North America, you can contact the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) for in-depth performance reports on large moving companies that work the interstate circuit. Contact your regional office for more information about movers in your general area.
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