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A Guide Into Executive Coaching

Jun 27, 2008
Every business and large company has a coaching strategy, regardless of your position in the company. Management level, consultants and executives all go through coaching and training on a regular basis to perform better in their current position. The role of the executive requires them to make tough decisions in order to ensure their business continues to receive successful financial results consistently and hold regular reviews making sure they stay on top of everything.

Going through executive coaching will help executives to build upon their leadership skills, as well as help them to develop into their roles. This type of coaching is offered in different ways, which could be on a one-to-one basis, group sessions, monthly coaching sessions, practical exercises and so on. These will the executive or anyone of a managerial position to understand what their role is, how to succeed in this role and what steps they need to take to maintain that success.

Furthermore, executive coaching helps the professional to determine their individual needs, therefore the manager or executive in question will need to sift through various coaches and find the right one for them. This is why there are different techniques of executive coaching, so that there is a variety for each individual as not all techniques work for everyone in the same way. Coaching itself is about challenging the executive with new ideas, building their confidence in dealing with unpredictable situations and learning through ones actions.

When looking for coaching of this level there a few pointers to look out for in the actual coaching process. If you are opting for a one-to-one coaching session make it is a reflective practise, this way you can see what you have gone through, where you will need to improve and what changes you can make after the session. In addition, when choosing your coach make sure you have found the practise that works best for you and not one that works for someone. This way you will respond to the coaching more quickly.

Make sure that coaching is directed towards taking action, rather than it being a therapy session. You will need to gain the knowledge and understand why each action is taken. You will also need to make that it is goal focussed and targeted at developing the individual. There may be one specific area or several areas of the company that need working on, therefore the best approach is to tackle these problems. Your coach will help you to build upon this and focus on improving performances in these areas.

Executive coaching has lead to a number of different branches of coaching, which has opened business coaching, executive team coaching and life coaching. The question you will need to ask yourself is if your company needs the coaching and what type of coaching will help. Always make sure you do enough research on your chosen coach, having read their previous client testimonials and selecting a fully qualified accredited coach with plenty of experience.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on executive coaching having researched and experienced this kind of business training course.
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