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The Great Advantages of Hosting With CPanel

Jun 27, 2008
Many web hosting companies offer hosting with cPanel, nowadays. It's not critical to have, but it certainly helps in the process of creating an maintaining multiple web sites. Hosting with cPanel offers a multitude of features that streamline the process of making money online easier. So, cPanel truly benefits both the newbie as well as the veteran webmaster.

A great feature that hosting with cPanel provides is great tracking software through awstats. Granted, there are other freely available visitor tracking software on the market today like Google Analytics, but its really nice and convenient to have this software with your hosting. With awstats, you can check a myriad of different visitor statistics. Obviously you can check how many daily unique visitors and visits you get, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

A great feature awstats has is that it lets you know the average duration a visitor stays on your website. That an important statistic, especially if your web site is more information based than product based. Another great tool that awstats has is that it lets you know how often you site is being spidered by search angines like google, yahoo, etc. This is critical information, especially when you are first putting content on your web site. You have to know if those little spiders keep coming back for the new content.

Hosting with cPanel allows you to create email addresses based on your domain names. This is very important because nothing looks more unprofessional on a web site when the contact email address is from a free email account like gmail, yahoo, or hotmail. This doesn't exactly install a great sense of confidence from the visitor of the site. It looks cheap and third-rate. People just automatically expect the email address to match the domain name of web address.

But easily the best feature of cPanel is that it brings Fantastico. With Fantastico you've got a ton a great scripts that you can load right onto your domains. You can literally build a full fledged website from the many scripts freely available.

You can load forums, discussion boards, polls, surveys, e-commerce sites, blogs, and so much more. All of these tools can be put on your domain with just a simple click of the mouse button.

By far, the most popular script used from Fantastico has to be WordPress. Wordpress was originally created to be used as a blog. But it has evolved so much from when it first started, that many people use them to create full fledged product websites. You'd be amazed how many websites you run across that were built just using WordPress. Its extremely accessible and user friendly. But best of all it's absolutely free. With the amount of money that it costs to pay for some of the premier site building software in the market today, its really amazing you can get top notch site building for absolutely no cost. With site building tools like dreamweaver and frontpage costing several hundred dollars, WordPress offers similar features without the worry of having to know HTML.

These are just some of the many perks that hosting with cPanel provides.
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