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SEO Jigsaw Glossary, Part C - A to Z SEO Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Jun 27, 2008
Part C - I have compiled a new search engine optimization glossary within the sub-pages of our new website. Our glossary is dedicated to the different search engine optimization terms and definition currently doing the circuit within the search engine optimization community. As I compile these terms several site owners are not very clear in what they are trying to define. I have not adjusted my findings in any way, during my research.

Part C; Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with C:


1. Cache is more expensive than RAM, it is well worth getting a CPU and motherboard with build in cache, in order to maximize system performance.

2. Cache is identified by cache key which is build as a dot-delimited.

Cgi bin:

1. Your own CGI bin directory you can, you can store custom CGI scripts that you have written yourself or found on the web.

2. CGI bin is the custom directory where you normally run your custom scripts.


1. Clickrate is the percentage of expressions that result from clickthrough.


1. Cloaking is often confused with doorway pages.

2. Cloaking is serving different content to visitors than the search engines.

3. Cloaking is search engine spam.

4. Cloaking is were you can set to sets of content.


1. Conversion in e-commerce is the result given to a positive sale.

2. Conversion is a marketers term used for a site visit.


1. Cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser.

2. Cookie is an "enticement" to get a computer user to visit you.

Cost Per Action: (CPA)

1. CPA is a fancy way of dressing up a "Affiliate Program"

2. CPA is a very difficult program to track and is expensive.

3. CPA is a form of direct advertising.

Cost Per Click: (CPC)

1. CPC is the price you pay per click to your website.

2. CPC is advertising such as Google Adwords and Overture.

3. CPC is a method adopted to gain high volumes of traffic for a set price.

Cost Per Lead: (CPL)

1. CPL is good but you must follow up for the sale or its not worth it.

2. CPL is a ratio and strategic metric.

Cost Per Order: (CPO)

1. CPO is based on every time an order is processed.

2. CPO is simply the cost column divided by the number of orders received from that station that day.


1. Counter stores data to let you look at your site statistics over a set period.

2. Counters track web site traffic.


1. CSS is a very powerful way to make good layout.

2. CSS is what gives web sites their layout and colour.

3. CSS is supported by all browsers today.

4. CSS is a style language that defines layouts of HTML documents.

Custom Error Page:

1. A custom error page is a temporary solution.

2. A custom error page is called 404b.


All the research compiled to complete this article are true and accurate findings. The terms found during research, are just a selection of terms doing the circuit in the search engine optimization community. In my next article part D, I will be looking for more defined terms.
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