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Looking To Recruitment Agencies For Career Jumps

Jun 27, 2008
Living in Essex practically all of my life, I have found that the best-paid jobs are normally based in London or in the main cities. The trouble is that you may find the same job role in London to be offered better pay, with more benefits and lots of time off annual leave. The problem here is that if you do obtain a job in Essex, you are not likely to receive the same sort of treatment as you would if you were in London. However, the working environment could not be more different.

I remember when I had first graduated from my undergraduate degree, I found myself in a constant battle between trying to enjoy the end of my studying days and finding a new job. The trouble is I studied an obscure subject that I could not find anything that was not directly related to something that required years of training. In the end, I went to visit one of the best Essex recruitment agencies to help me get my foot on that coveted career ladder.

When it came down to it, I was a bit sketchy about approaching any Essex recruitment agency, having heard about how the candidates would be treated and how there would be a lack of satisfaction with the jobs that were on offer. However, I would find that my preconceptions of job agencies were to change, as they seemed very interested in my goals for the future. I was very specific about what I was looking for in my ideal and where I had intended to this role.

I was then asked to talk about my skills and how I could use this in a working environment, it was almost like a mini interview. Some Essex recruitment agencies only specialise in finding work within the Essex area, like most recruitment agencies probably would if they were based in their local area. However, other Essex based recruitment agencies can offer jobs beyond the catchment area offering more pay for transportation and travel fees. Usually special agencies concentrate on finding specific job roles rather than offering generic positions.

When looking for a good recruitment agency whether they are based in Essex or anywhere in the UK, it is always best to read up on their services and what they have to offer for you. What kinds of jobs can they find you? Do you have to go through an assessment process? What is the average hourly rate you will be offered in a job? How soon are you likely to be found a job? How often will you be paid? How good are their candidate success rates? Who are the clients that they have on their books?

The amount of young graduates who come out of university without knowing what they want to do is rising each year, with more of them turning to recruitment agencies. Bear in mind that if you are one of them, it is a good idea to register onto a few agency websites so you have a better chance of finding of getting that foot onto that career ladder. If like me you are based in Essex, it is a good idea to approach Essex recruitment agencies that are situated all over Essex rather than sticking to your local area. This way you will find something more quickly and within a field closest to your chosen career path.
About the Author
Anna Stenning has had plenty of experience with Essex recruitment agencies, as this helped her to get onto the career ladder.
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