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Tips For Excellent Web Design Practice

Jun 27, 2008
One of the biggest online industries right now is the web design industry- with its many demands to create the newest and biggest thing in awe inspiring websites. Web design may be a big industry, but it isn't the easiest to get a foothold in. In order to best "wow" the competition, there are a few practices to keep in mind.

The first concept to understand in web design standards is readability. This is something too many beginners forget about when trying to make an overly stunning design. Font sizes are generally accepted to be 12 pixels in height for maximum readability, and going higher never hurts. A contrasting font color that is readable against its background is also important for keeping visitors free of frustration.

Navigation is an aspect of web design that is a very close second to readability. Without proper navigation, a website will not provide the average Internet user with proper information on what they can access on the website. It isn't the 1990's anymore, and that just isn't acceptable! Pretty rollover effects and menus aren't a necessity, and the average navigation box is more than sufficient for most applications in web design.

How accessible a web design is to the user is another important factor that dictates how many Internet users can even access the website at all. Different web browsers use different engines to read how a website is coded. This means that how the website appears in one browser may be totally different in another. In some cases, it might not even render at all- meaning extra work needs to be done to standardize the design among multiple browsers.

Once all the basics in standardization and readability are maintained, the act of being creative and reestablishing the norms becomes the next test. Using different palettes of colors, using new forms of shapes and blocks (The rounded rectangle box is a current favorite for web designers), and ultimately thinking of new ways to display information has become the measuring stick in how a web design project is rated.

Popularized web design tactics are still good to make use of, in spite of the fact that creativity and inspiring designs are important in obtaining. Most web design features that have become popular are popular for a reason, and keeping a few of them around won't do any harm. Most notably, the rounded text box and gradient usage of recent years is always a nice addition to any design.

In Conclusion

Web design is a very tough industry to get into. There are many aspects in design and coding that need to be learned, and much of it isn't something that's going to be learned overnight. Thus, aspiring web designers should try to strive and mimic other designs and coding principles before trying to make the next big thing in web design. We have to walk before we can crawl- and patience is definitely a virtue in the concept of web design.
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