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Best Shopping Cart Software Options

Jun 28, 2008
I've seriously been considering creating my own ecommerce site to tryout some ideas. So I decided to search around for a good shopping cart software review. I found that you there were two types of solutions available: hosted software and licensed software.

Licensed software is software that you purchase/download on to your computer in conjunction to it there was also free software. One of the biggest advantages to the licensed software is the fact that it can be easily manipulated and tailored to fit your specific needs.

The hosted software solutions had many different types of services that they offered which included things like: credit card processing, comprehensive reporting features, live support, and marketing help. These solutions of course are not downloaded to your computer or server, but are hosted on the provider's site and you normally pay a monthly fee. You would also incur additional charges based on what other features you chose.

So what shopping cart systems get the best review? I guess it's really going to depend on what you yourself feel comfortable with. If you have a lot of computer savvy, the open source free software might be right for you. However, if you prefer not to hassle with getting something up and running yourself, then choose the hosted solution.

The most most educated way to go is to just, give it a try, many hosted companies offer 30 day trials and no matter how many reviews you read nothing will give you more information than just trying it out yourself. A free trial, will allow you the opportunity to see if the software can be tailored and customized to meet your needs. You will also be able to test, first hand, the customer support options the software hosting company provides.

Taking word of mouth, in this big business decision is not the best route to go. Make sure you spend ample time researching and first hand testing of the software. You do not want to have your website up and running with customers already flooding in just to discover you have made a poor decision on you shopping cart software.

Which ever solution you choose, remember the most important goal is to give your shopper a delightful, simple timing checking out there purchases. Minimilizing confusion is key a shopper should never feel that they would need to go somewhere else because of troubling application. A customer should be able to easily pay for their items, know there shipping options in a clear and concise way, and be able to easily communicate or get in touch with you if the need arrises.

In todays society the internet has become quite a powerful purchasing and shipping tool. Anyone with a little knowledge and drive can put together an ecommerce site and reach a customer base so much larger than ever before. Making sure that you have right programs and tools in place to make is a successful, pleasurful experience will help solidify success.
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