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Liberty League - The Review Part 2

Jun 28, 2008
Lets take a close look here and see what all the talk is about Liberty League. Together with a third party view let's determine whether Liberty League is the right company to make money online with or not.

Looking closer now at Liberty League let's see if it's everything people are saying it is. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all join a company that not only made us a ton of money but also helped us to become better people both physically and mentally as well. The folks over at Liberty League claim to do this for everyone.

Liberty League offers two things for everyone. One is Personal development and the other is a Home Business. Let's first go a take a peek at the Personal development side first and then the business side second.

Liberty League offers three products. The first is the Beyond Freedom Program. The second is the Liberty Conference, and last is the Summit Conference. These 3 programs are designed to change your whole lifestyle and help you to become a better person.

Once you've gone and purchased one or more of the three personal development products you can then resell them to others and this is where the business part of Liberty League comes into play. Not only can you use these products on yourself but after you become qualified to sell these products you'll be able to make money for yourself.

It's been about eight years now since the beginning of Liberty League. What does this mean. It means that somebody has got to be making money or the company wouldn't still be around. Now I wouldn't jump right into Liberty League just yet. We should still investigate what Liberty League is all about in more detail before you we do this.

The main thing you need to consider before joining Liberty League or any online company is the start up cost so lets take a close look at the prices of the personal development products. The Beyond Freedom Program is $1500. The Liberty League Conference is $8000. Last the Summit Conference is $12,000.

Wow these prices seem high huh. Liberty League says that if you compare their conference ticket prices to those of other companies you will see that they offer a very competitive price. Is this true. I'm not sure. The best thing I'd recommend doing is first taking a really good look at Liberty League. Then take the time and research other companies out there and see what they have to offer. Maybe you'll see that Liberty League is the right choice or maybe that it's not. Either way you'll at least know you've found the right company for you to start your online success with.
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