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The Power of Behaving Antimimeticisomorphically in Business

Jun 28, 2008
In business when you start out you generally tend to do what other businesses in your field have done. This is common sense really when you start any new endeavor in life. Sure there might be a few things in your business that are unique in terms of your processes or branding but in general you will follow what other companies have done.

In scholarly writing this process called is mimeticisomorphism. Mimetic means to mimic, morph means transforming. So basically this means is that that as an industry evolves companies tend to transform themselves into a company that mimics the others. Basically we play 'follow the leader'.

What does it mean to behave antimimeticisomorphically as a company? It means that you do the opposite of what other companies do. In other words the market leader goes left - you go right.

Businesses tend to follow other businesses like sheep. If one company raises their prices, other companies raise their prices. If one company lowers them, other companies lower them. And yet, sometimes this is done in an unexamined and untested way, without serious question.

What if you were to break out of this sheep mentality and do the opposite of what other companies are doing. You could see what your competitors are doing and say 'How can I do this differently' or 'How Can I do this better'. These sort of questions will potentially lead to far superior outcomes than 'how can I copy what everyone else is doing'.

A great example of antimimeticisomorphic thinking is found in an Australian restaurant that allows you to choose how much you want to pay for your meal. Now that is a deviation from traditional thinking. Do some people under pay? Perhaps. But the majority of people pay a fair and generous amount for the great food they receive.

My advice to you is to test the idea of thinking in this new way on a small part of your business and then once you have a sense of the extreme value of it, then scale it up.

Here are some Antimimeticisomorphic questions to ask to get started: * How can this be done differently? * If I were a client, how would I want to be treated/received/processed? * What revolutionary idea have I seen elsewhere that I can use in my business? * If I were a 5 year old having fun inventing the wildest company in the world (in my line of work) what would it look and be like? * What outrageous (and legal) promotion can I create?
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