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Jun 28, 2008
Despite of the kind of online business model you are pursuing, if you aim for a huge web presence, then there's a single important factor that you need: traffic, or the constant influx of visitors to your website.

Traffic is the heart and life of any web opportunity. It doesn't matter if you're selling some goods, or you're enrolled in a pay per click advertising program, or you're advertising your services, you need traffic so that you can bring your business to the people.

Thankfully, there are countless web advertising strategies available that can lead a huge number of visitors to your site.

Article marketing is, without question, the most well received and the most efficient of these traffic-building methods. It is the most convenient to implement, as well. Article marketing can, quite honestly, be carried out in 3 easy steps.

1. Prepare an article dealing with a topic close to your business. Guarantee that this article is of high value, meaning it is something internet users will really want to read. Your piece should have a length of 300 to 750 words.

2. Prepare a resource box. A bio box is a summation about yourself and/or your enterprise. More often than not, article directories will require that it should not exceed 250 characters. In this resource box, type in your website's link. This is a very important step in our article marketing campaign.

3. Submit your article, together with its bio box, to as many article banks as you desire. The main ones are www.ezinearticles.com, www.ideamarketers.com and www.isnare.com. There are hundreds and thousands more, so you have to muster enough patience and hard work to make the most out of this strategy.

Article marketing is indeed that simple that easy.

The idea is to syndicate your article. By submitting them in article banks, you are implicitly allowing webmasters from all over the web to republish your article in their own websites or newsletters, provided that your bio box is kept undisturbed.

Think of it this way: if 5,000 webmasters choose to republish your article. You'd have 5,000 URL copies redirecting to your website. For instant traffic and for SEO traffic, 5,000 back links will be a amazing, and that's just with one article.

Article marketing should be a unceasing course of action. It's a number's game. The more articles you can submit, the more exposure your link will gain. And this means more visitors for your online business.
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