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Small Business Web Hosting-Companies You May Want to Consider

Jun 28, 2008
This article will give you a quick rundown on a few small business web hosting companies you may want to consider when choosing a company to work with. The amount of information and effort going into building a website can be very great so this article is meant to serve as a shortcut in finding a company to work with.

The first and usually most popular company that many people recommend is GoDaddy. This company is very widely known for its Super Bowl commercials that allowed it to burst onto the scene. It is one of the largest domain registrars and offers almost anything that your website would demand. One of the strongest features is the Support Staff. This area is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can talk with them, email them, or find the answers yourself through their extensive help section. Basic hosting can cost as little as 2.99 a month when talking about Linux.

Another highly rated small business web hosting company is Infinology. This has ranked very highly with many active web site users and often can be found near the top of the list, if not at the top of the list, for overall satisfaction. There are many different scripting languages available for free with cost usually being around $6.95 a month.

The final one which will be discussed is LunarPages. Some languages will cost an extra dollar or two a month but the best part about this website is the generous space and bandwidth included in the price. The cost starts at exactly the same rate as Infinology: $6.95 a month.

There are third party web sites where you can find more information if you want to do more extensive research on any of these three companies. Any good small business web hosting company should not charge a great deal for basic web hosting activities.

Looking at the above examples shows you how little it can cost to find a good company with good service. As you can see from these three examples, costs can run under ten dollars a month without batting an eyelash. You may want to see which particular company will work best with your situation, especially if you start using more bandwidth if you get into social networking. One of the major keys is the customer service because you will not normally worry about your website's hosting until it goes down. At that point, you will want someone ready and available to help bring your website back up.
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