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How to Start an MLM Business

Jun 28, 2008
So you are interested in starting your own business? Here is a quick mlm training course on starting your business.

Firstly to start an mlm business you must register with a network marketing company. This is done by purchasing a license from one of their mlm consultants.

This person becomes your upline and you their downline. In other words you and your upline become business associates.

Additionally, the license gives you the right to sell the companies goods and also their business opportunity. For this, you are paid a commission.

So, now you have a fair idea of what network marketing is about. Great. Here are some free hints on being successful at mlm.

Firstly, be careful of who you choose to listen to. Ensure that the person who you purchase your network marketing license has goals that are similar to yours.

When I started, I made this mistake. I purchased my license from an MLMer who was doing business because he just wanted food in his refrigerator.

His goals were too small therefore his thinking was also too small. So he was not looking for ways to improve his business.

Also the tips he gave me in selling products and the mlm opportunity were totally unprofessional. As a result I learnt very little from him.

So, evaluate your goals and try to match yourself with someone who is professional plus on the same page.

Here is another hint. This tip is crucial to the success of your mlm business.

All successful organizations install day to day business systems to help leverage. What are business systems?

Have a look at the book called The BI Triangle by Kiyosaki. It gives a detail explanation of business systems. But in the meantime, I'll give a brief description. Business systems are:

1. Tools for leveraging. Leverage is the ability to do more work with less effort, time and money.

2. Simple and easy to duplicate. This means that anyone can use the system.

3. Able to work 24/7. A business system that runs 24/7 means that you can make money everyday all the time. HINT: The internet never sleeps, use it.

4. Capable of providing an exit strategy for the business owner. An exit strategy means that you do not always have to be present when your business is running. You can be on vacation and still make money.

Did you get it? Okay. Here is a real life example.

Ever thought about purchasing a Mc Donalds franchise or license. If you do you will be provided with the equipment and procedures to make an average Mc Donalds burger.

The equipment and procedures are the day to day business system. The employees you will hire do not require any special cooking skill. The system does all of that.

In fact, where I come from, there are persons who work in fast food restaurants and do not even know how to cook. Ironic huh?

The truth is this, the system is simple enough so any worker can duplicate it. Therefore, business is able to take care of itself.

A business system in your mlm is crucial for network marketing success. I came to know this after four months of doing business manually. So, I went shopping for a system.

So now, when I do sell the business opportunity to prospects, I also provide them with an entire automated system. Just like Mc Donalds.

So, here is my advice. Purchase your mlm opportunity from someone who will also provide you with a day to day business system. I wish someone had told me that before I started.

Here is another bit of advice. Business systems are only half the story of starting a successful mlm business. The other half is having a marketing budget and strategy.

Marketing is the tools used to attract persons to your business. These tools include: business location, advertisements, offers as well as communication.

Every successful business uses marketing. Whether it is a network marketing business or a traditional business.

I use the strategy of educational marketing. This simply means that I give away free information to attract interested persons.

This type of marketing is becoming more popular. It is one of the most effective ways to overcome the resistance people normally have towards a sales pitch.

You see everyone loves to buy stuff but no one loves to be sold too. But almost everyone loves to get something that interests them for free.

Here another example. Do you look at cable tv? I am sure you do.

Have you ever seen the ad with the guy who is giving away the free DVD about buying and selling on eBay? This is an example of educational marketing. Have another listen to his advertisement and try to see what he is really selling.

I think educational marketing is the future. The internet is becoming the number 1 location for both business owners and consumers. But surfers go onto the internet to get more information than products. So, as a future entrepreneur you should be thinking of supplying to your customers needs.

Use this type of marketing when you start an mlm business. I guarantee that you will see results.

These are some of the things I learnt. I am passing these hints on to you because that is what business is about.

I hope this information was of value to you. Plus, I wish you good luck in your mlm business.
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