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This Is The Single Most Expensive Mistake That An Online Marketer Could Possibly Make: Part 1

Jun 28, 2008
The lines between online and offline marketing are a complete blur. If you have any intention of effectively making money in either arena the key to success has the same formula. Find out precisely what people WANT and give them EXACTLY what they're voting for with their wallets. Is it really that easy? Well, of course not. The human race's physiological makeup has never changed. It's taken millions and even billions of dollars to sort us out. Do you know what all the senseless spending has shown? Well first, we're all a little quirky. Most importantly, our spending habits have shown that there is organization to all this chaos.

Here are the three keys to your golden egg.

Your prospect must know you, like you and trust you to do business with you. That is pretty easy to understand, right? Then why is it that so many marketers are constantly missing the boat? So, lets expand on those three keys and later on we'll uncover the real issue.

1. People like routine events. In general, prospects feel comfort with familiarity. There is always a bit of tension when going to a place for the first time. We feel nervous and uneasy when we don't know what to expect. Whether shopping in a store for the first time or going out on a blind date, that uneasiness will keep your guard up and it's more difficult to make a transaction the first time you meet. A lot of marketers miss this. They spend a lot of time and effort getting the prospect into their store or on their web site but if the customer does not make a purchase (which is most likely) then when that prospect walks out the door they are gone for good. All that money spent on advertising and building a site/store is wasted. What the solution? Honestly, it's so easy that when you learn I bet you'll get a good laugh out of it. Simply visit my web site below and I'll open your eyes to the secret that changed my life.

2. People want to be around others like them. We all gravitate to others that are like us. Others that have the same interests, views, struggles, likes and dislikes. We all want to be around others that understand what we're going through. This is why you need to spend time understanding your prospects and understanding the pains that they're going through. You need to make it all about your prospects. Find out what they ardently desire and then match a series of products to their needs then you may have found more then one golden egg. If you pop by my web site below I introduce you to six streams of income that may change your life.

3. People MUST trust you to do business with you. The question in your prospects mind is will this product work for them? How do they gauge that? Through PROOF of your product working for others that are just like them. (Testimonials)

Here Is The Formula To Your Success

(Prospect Must) Know You + Like You + Trust You = Your Success

The SINGLE greatest and easiest method to develop rapport is constructing a list. The most costly mistake that a marketer could make is not developing a list. Just think about it. How much time and/or money did it take to get that prospect to your website? If that customer does not buy anything then when they leave they're gone for good. In the world of internet marketing, if you have a conversion rate of 1% to 3% that is considered a successful campaign. So, what happens to all the rest? In some cases, an oversight like this could be the breaker in your business venture. List building is the greatest way to nurture your prospects. By building a list you're focusing on the long term value of your customers. Whether you want to make $10,000 dollars a month or $10,000 dollars per day building a list of potential customers is the best method to achieving that goal.

How Do You Build A List That Attracts Prospects Hungry For What Your Selling

The most effective way to build a list is by simply getting a web site up and running. Now don't get scared by this idea. If you simply pop by my web site below I'll show you how to generate 6 streams of income through your list. I'll build the web site for you and get you up and running in no time. I know you're likely thinking all this is going to cost a lot. The truth is... it's virtually FREE. I will also discuss how to explode traffic to your site and how to start making money within days of getting your site up and running.
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