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IronKey Tough on Crime

Jun 28, 2008
The past few years has seen a sharp increase in the reports of data fraud and information misuse. Each week we see reports of lost or stolen records that contain sensitive data.

As our law enforcers look to employ the latest technologies to assist their day to day tasks, it is not uncommon to see a Police Officer on a street corner with a PDA on his hip and a ticket printer in hand. Thankfully it is a million miles away from the days of the stereotypical whistle swinging and knee bending Cops of Dock Green but what risks does this present in the age of wi-fi networks, computer fraud and data misuse? Where does this leave our sci-fi Sweeney?

Are we Exposed or In Safe Hands?

Its a question we are entitled to ask but not likely to want to hear the answer. The reply is of course vulnerable unless forces employ measures to make it impervious. We live in an era where a short chain of unfortunate events could land your personal details in the wrong hands. When its not unthinkable that a simple on the spot fine could lead to your private information being spread across the internet. And thats just the start, simple examples. Give a thought for the highly skilled, yet pressured detective, who selflessly takes reports home to complete after tucking the kids in to bed. Where could that misplaced file end up? I could hazard a guess at where our budding Inspector Morse's career may finish up.

So are they taking it seriously?

Managing Director of Complete Source Ltd, James Hall, gives an idea of how our progressive peelers are taking steps to secure our information. "Showcasing the new IronKey range at InfoSec 2008 was always going to be special, but nothing could have prepared us for the interest shown by the UK Police forces". He explained that enquiries have stretched the length and breadth of the UK and raised interest as far a field as European Police forces. "The most interesting aspect has been the diverse enquiries for application of the devices. From PDA's to mobile telephones, laptops to even digital cameras." Displaying a confident smile, the UK's leading IronKey authority proclaimed, "This is simply the best portable security for computers around ".

His statement is true and only falls down if users, literally, give their password away. As far as Secure USB devices go this takes some beating. From its simple plug and play feature to its beautifully designed and unmistakable brushed alloy finish - the IronKey is a winner.

Designed as the worlds most Secure USB flash drive, home users can choose from 2 options. The basic IronKey is what it says it is. A secure USB stick that benefits from the same degree of hardware encryption as the other products in the range. The second, and most popular option, is the IronKey Personal. We were stunned by its secure sessions that keep you safe and "anonymous" whilst you are online. This is perfect for personal banking or logging into company internet sites. The Corporate Package is accommodated with the IronKey Enterprise. It is a premium service, launched in April 2008 in the USA, and is for those who wish to take their security to the next level. As a managed service it permits full control of a collection of devices from a central unit or location. All the IronKey products are fantastic.

The data and information that is collected on a daily basis requires strict protection. We aren't seeing too much evidence to support that Government bodies are taking this seriously. Our privacy is just what it says it is, private and we need to keep it that way.

It is encouraging to hear that many of our Police forces are looking at solutions to keep our data and information safe. For that I applaud them and I look forward to fewer stories in our tabloids of embarrassing data protection infringements.
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For more information about Secure USB products get in touch with Complete Source. The UK's top experts and distributors of IronKey Devices . Assisting customers with full after sale and technical support.
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