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Five Myths Of SEO

Jun 28, 2008
SEO is an amazing way to increase your search engine traffic. With the large volume of information online, it is too easy to get caught up in everything that everybody is saying about SEO. Search engine optimization is a constantly changing game, but just because it is changing doesn't mean that the basics are changing as well. There are five myths that I would like to debunk about SEO to help you have a better idea of where you want to go with your website.

1- Instant Popularity

Some people believe that by starting a SEO campaign that you will have instant popularity or results, i.e. ranking you in the search engines. This is definitely what happens with an SEO campaign, but don't expect it to happen immediately. The effects of a campaign like this will start to take place 3-4 months after beginning, or sometimes up to a year later. Don't give up, it takes time, but the results are very rewarding.

2- One Time Magic

SEO is not a onetime project. Set it and forget it! does not apply here. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, you should think of it as a never ending war. If you spend a few minutes or an hour each day to do some more SEO on your website, you will start to see results. Slack off and you will start to see your ranking slip.

3- Once an Expert Always an Expert

If you think you are an expert at SEO, just wait a month. In the online world, things are changing and so much is happening so quickly that you can never start to think you are an expert at search engine optimization.

4- All Links are Created Equal

In the world of search engines, links are not created equal. Certain links have more authority or power than other links, they are called relevant links. Relevant links are those links that are pointing to your website from a website that is similar to yours. Don't get me wrong, non relevant links are good too. They carry value and will help your website in terms of ranking in the search engines; you should just try to get as many relevant links as you can to make your campaign more powerful.

5- External Links Are The Only Way To Go

The most important aspect of SEO is link building to your website. However, if you think that you can have a strong campaign without properly linking your website internally, you are very wrong. You need to take the time to link relevant pages together on your website. This proves to the search engines that you site has relevant information on it and that you are an authority in your area.

SEO is all about evolving with the search engines. If you are willing to work hard, research new ideas, and change as you feel necessary, you will succeed at SEO.
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Bart Icles is a Utah SEO specialist. He works for ioVentures, who provides Utah SEO Services to small and large businesses. You can also visit their Internet Marketing Blog for SEO tips and internet marketing techniques to help you business.
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