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Daily Niches 5 Ways to Find Lucrative Niches

Jun 28, 2008
Once you start building niche websites you can quickly find it addictive. The search for a lucrative niche can become an overwhelming treasure hunt. You may find yourself jumping on your computer first thing in the morning searching, and hunting for that perfect niche keyword.

It is great in the beginning, you're filled with ideas. You have no problems finding ideas, concepts, words to pump into your favorite keyword generation tool. Once you've built a few sites, and used up all your "best" keywords it can be difficult to keep the good ideas flowing.

Here are 5 ways you can generate some good daily niches.

Ebay. Ebay can be used in a few different ways to come up with some great daily niches. You can use ebay pulse (http://pulse.ebay.com). This is where you can find a snapshot of the current trends and hot products on ebay.

Now I don't expect anything on this list will be a good keyword or niche in and of itself. I'm sure they will be too competitive. You can, however, take an idea from the list and use the main idea to search for less competitive keywords and niches.

You can also use the categories and listing themselves to find some great daily niches and keywords. You just put the main category or secondary category into your keyword tool and you will be surprised what might pop up.

Take a look around. This method is easy and can lead to some fantastic daily niche ideas. All you do is look around where you are. You write down everything you see in front of you. Once you get a list built you go to your favorite keyword generation tool and put in the main word and see what comes up.

I tried this method and completed a very long list of the things I saw around my house, even just at my cluttered desk. I had pens on my list, so I tried them in wordtracker's free keyword tool. I came up with quite a few decent keywords, including antler ballpoint pens.

The thing I really like about using this method is you can find interesting keywords and daily niches you never would have thought of otherwise. Who thinks about antler ballpoint pens?

Take a walk through the mall: This is a very similar strategy to looking around your home. If you take a walk through a mall, a craft fair, or even the county or state fair you will come up with tons of ideas.

The key to this method is making sure you have a good long list and then use the base keywords to enter into a keyword tool. It's there the magic happens. Wordtracker will provide you with more ideas and ideas that you never would have thought of.

Amazon.com Another place filled with great ideas for daily niches. You can use the categories, and subcategories just like you did for ebay.

Website Directories: Take a look around DMOZ. You will be provided with topics and ideas galore. You will probably run into the same issue with competition here as you did at ebay pulse. However, if you continue to use them to get more ideas, to dig deeper into a niche and find keywords not everyone knows about you will find some excellent daily niches.

There you have it, 5 places to find some amazing daily niches. It may seem like old hat to those of you who have been around the block, but if you don't know exactly what you are doing, or are searching for some good keywords it is a solid strategy.
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