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An Emerging Symbol of Americana

Jun 28, 2008
There are a few symbols in America that are synonymous with what makes our country great. From the Golden Arches, to the Big Boy and Goodyear Blimp to the Michelin Man, these are the iconic symbols that represent America at its best - so recognizable that one glance instills a deeper meaning in just seconds.

The Re/Max balloon is sort of an "icon in training", if you will. While it certainly hasn't reached Golden Arches proportions, it is still very recognizable and stands a symbol of our nation and the real estate market - for better or worse. In a local sense, it is possibly the most recognizable image for Missouri real estate. However, the balloon goes above and beyond its promotional status for National and Missouri real estate.

In fact, the balloon can, just as the Goodyear Blimp, be hired out for corporate events, sports competitions, or just about any sort of recreational or promotional event that the renter is holding. The balloon has been spotted at Major League Baseball Games, NFL Football games, as well as many collegiate sporting events. Additionally, you can see the balloon at the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque each year and the Great Forest Park Balloon Race in St. Louis Missouri - two of the oldest ballooning events in the U.S.

Re/Max has teamed up with professional ballooning companies to offer hot air balloon services to local areas to become more than just a company offering real estate in Missouri and the U.S. Ballooning is far more than recreation, as the complexities offer many opportunities for learning. Additionally, these organized ballooning firms can handle scheduling and organization of legal matters, such as FAA regulations and safety releases for passengers.

The balloon is not restricted to recreational and promotional use, by any means. On a regular basis, the balloon can be found doing balloon showings and educational talks at elementary and primary schools. The teach children the basic fundamentals and science of how the balloons work - including the physics and chemistry involved and how hot air can transform some pretty simple fabric into quite a majestic transportation device.

This corporate icon is proving to be a huge crossover success, as it shows that some major commercial entities can give back to the community by providing entertainment, education, and many opportunities for hands-on fun. Though it may not be the most recognizable icon, it is definitely proving itself to be a true symbol for grassroots progress in local communities across the country.
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Art Gib is a freelance writer, Re/Max Mid-States and Dixie Regions offers one of the nation's most trusted names in Missouri real estate, as well as the iconic Re/Max Balloon.
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