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Work-From-Home Business: How To Choose A Good Direct Marketing Company

Jun 28, 2008
Having a work-from-home business is an excellent way to incorporate income generation with schedule flexibility. The ability to set your own work hours means being able to accommodate life's other priorities. Parents can be available for important games or to pick up kids from school. Medical or dental appointments and even daytime art classes can be accommodated with ease. The advantages of a flexible schedule are endless. A work-from-home business means that you are the boss.

Direct marketing companies are the number one choice for work-from-home business opportunities. Start-up costs are often minimal and sometimes even non-existent. Though related experience is helpful, it isn't mandatory. Direct marketing companies provide all the training that is needed. In fact, they offer ongoing training throughout your career. They also offer business support and one-on-one mentoring to help you succeed.

Hundreds of work-from-home business opportunities exist in direct marketing. From housewares to candles, food, appliances, healthcare products and even lingerie, there are scores of products to consider selling. Deciding what you're interested in is only the first step. Choosing the right company to work with is an important key to your business's success. Here's what to look for when considering a direct marketing work-from-home business:

*A company with a trusted reputation. Generally speaking, the longer a company has been in business, the better public image it has. Newer companies (those in business fewer than 10 years) typically haven't had enough time to prove themselves in their markets. This isn't to say that these are bad companies. It does mean that you may have a more difficult time generating business. Potential customers may be skeptical simply because they are unfamiliar with your company. Choosing a well-established company means that half of your battle for clients is already won. It's easier to sell yourself if potential customers are already sold on your company.

*A company that backs up its products. It's tough to sell a product you don't believe in. It's harder to sell something that a company doesn't believe in enough to back with a guarantee. The best direct marketing companies offer guarantees with few or no strings attached. Look for companies that offer long warranties and unconditional return policies. Customers will be afraid to buy if guarantees are shaky or non-existent. This will ultimately hurt your potential for profit. Companies with first-class products won't be afraid to offer flexible return policies.

*A company that isn't too restrictive. If you desire flexibility, choose a company that will give you your freedom. Some companies require salespeople to maintain a certain monthly quota. Others say it isn't mandatory, but will pressure you to do so anyway. A truly flexible company will recognize your need to take time off for vacations, emergencies, illnesses and so on. Never work for a company that threatens its associates with penalties for not producing enough.

*A company that maintains membership in a governing body or organization. Members of the Direct Selling Association or similar organizations must maintain certain standards and ethics. It's a good sign that a company is being monitored by an objective third party. Their products and philosophies can usually be trusted as sound.

It's a bonus if you can find a work-from-home business that financially supports a worthy cause. Many direct marketing companies sponsor humanitarian foundations and organizations. Not only is this socially responsible, it's also a boon to your business.
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