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Free Tips on MLM Success

Jun 28, 2008
Hi. Is mlm success important to you?

I am sure it is. But, are you investing your time and hard earned money purchasing motivational tapes, mlm leads or tickets to seminars held by your network marketing company?

The truth is many network marketers do these things. However, after many months or even years their dream of saving time and money is still unattainable. This can be frustrating.

If mlm success is important to you then continue reading. That is what this article is all about. I will discuss hints that I picked up while running my own mlm business such as:

1. Not Focusing Too Much Attention on the Product. Not even if they are the best on the market.

We are trained to believe that the goods we can access are the best on the market. Therefore, everyone would want them.

Based on my experience in mlm, I do not think this is true.

In reality customers do not purchase products simply because we (network marketers) tell them that it is the best. Even if we personally had favorable results using the products. It takes a lot more than just that.

Furthermore, today the mlm industry is not a respectable business venture. Why is this?

Because of the poor prospecting strategies we use when selling our mlm opportunity.Here is an example.

I was invited to a meeting once by a network marketer. But his methods were so sneaky that I refused.

Here is what he did. He approached me and said, I have a business proposition for you but I cannot tell you what it is right now. However, I will explain everthing tomorrow at 7:30P.M.

I was so amazed that I did not know what to think. Then he continued by asking if he should book a seat for me at XYZ Hotel.

His network marketing strategy was unprofessional. I was convinced that his business was drugs or something illegal.

And unfortunately, this is the exact view many hold towards mlm. I guess the industry needs more professionalism.

And that brings us to my next point. Network Marketing is Not for Everyone.

Many consultants or IBOs believe that mlm can work for anyone. But the fact is not everyone can own and control a successful business, whether it is mlm or a traditional business.

Furthermore, not everyone wants to be business owners. Some people are quite happy as employees.

Sure, being an employee has its disadvantages. But some workers are comfortable trading time for money and would not give that up to become a network marketer or any other type of business owner.

Moreover, there are people who get into network marketing to get rich quick. They are the worst downlines you can ever have and should be avoided.

Then there are those who do mlm because they are buying hope. This means that they are not interested in learning to win at business but are relying on luck. They too should also be avoided.

So here is my advice. If you spend precious time and money on persons who are not cut out for mlm then you will run into financial difficulty and also have little network marketing success. Take a look at the video called The Quixtar Scam on youtube and you'll see what I mean.

I know you maybe wondering how do I sell my mlm opportunity and products to the right persons to experience mlm success. Well, here are some questions hints.

Do business with only serious persons. In other words, do you thoroughly interview your prospects before you sponsor them into your mlm business or do you just accept anyone who says they are interested?

All serious businesses depend on a day to day business system for leverage. Is there a system in your mlm business?

Every successful organization has a monthly marketing budget. Do you have one?

Sales is the lifeblood of an mlm business. Do you know techniques of selling?

Bill Gates said that in five years time every business will be located on the world wide web. Do you think the internet can help in experiencing mlm success?
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