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Buying Cuban cigars online can be tricky

Jun 28, 2008
You know what I think is the best place for cigars? Can you take a guess? If you want I can wait . . . Okay I will stop teasing, it is the cool. and calm country of Cuba. Cubans have been rolling the best Cuban cigars in the world for hundreds of years. It is part of their history, their culture, their lifestyle. Just like each country has one thing they are totally fond of, for cuban it is cigars. They've have been blessed with the best climate to grow the most esquisite tobacco in the world and when you add the skills of a torcedore (Cigar hand roller), you know you just got a phenomenal thing on your hand.

You are not the only one who thinks Cuban cigars are just a smoke. It is smoking tradition that is engraved in our history as people and especially for the people of Cuba. Many in Cuban consider it a direct gift from god. It is said that the Ancient Mayan god of Pichu Rocha laid the first seed for Cuban tobacco and it has sprung years of joy and satisfaction for the entire humanity - at least to the people who tried it. They say "Once you go Cuban, you'll never go back!". A very famous saying indeed when it was spreading like wild fire in Hollywood.

There is a old saying "Use your head". Some might consider it rude, some might consider it too straight forward, regardless, it works when it comes to purchasing Cuban cigars on the interent. Their are certain things that you must look for when trying to purchase Cuban cigars on the internet. Let's start with the most basic and when I mean basic, I really mean like elementary style detective work. If the web retailer doesn't have a phone number, you might as well just pack your bags and leave because that basically means 'we are a scam website'. If you can afford to sell Cuban cigars, you can afford to have a phone number, that is all I'm saying.

Last is the pricing and I really want to stress this one. Just because it is cheap, doesn't mean it is real. In fact, the only reason you are getting them from someone that cheap is because they are not real. Plus if you live in the United States that holds the biggest population of Cuban cigar buyers, you must deal with someone who has experience in shipping to the United States of America. If you purchase from an inexperienced seller, they can ship to you and be safe but if your cigars get caught, you'll end up paying a hefty bill for it.

Last but not the least it is the pricing. Real Cuban cigars even in Cuban cost a lot. So you have to watch out. The cheaper the site the bigger the scam these guys are getting you in for. Never let your common sense run out on you when dealing with these sites. Only get Cuban cigars from reputable dealers.
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