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The Most Important Tool

Jun 28, 2008
"The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity." --Zig Ziglar

I'm no cop, not a persuasion cop or any other. However, there are times when I feel I have to pause for a moment and remind my students of what is of the utmost importance in persuasion and in life. I am a person who really learns from their mistakes. And I'm hoping that you can too learn from my mistakes. My goal here is to guide. My goal is to help you to avoid the mistakes I made. One of these tough lessons I learned the hard way came about because when I was young, overly eager, and foolish, I acted in a way that wasn't guided by integrity.

My sincerest hope as we move forward with these social influences skills, is for you to always apply ethics and integrity.

Integrity and ethics go hand and hand with congruity. Being congruous is a key component of persuasion. When someone really screws up and apologizes, you can tell when they're really sorry and when they're not. You just feel it in your gut.

Ethics and integrity allow us to use these kinds of powerful skills and do so with a good clean conscience because we know that we're using things on others that we're comfortable having used on ourselves. And as you know, by participating in my program, the importance of integrity is something we constantly discuss. I encourage and promote good uses of ethics and integrity, however, I try to use good ethics and integrity in talking about ethics and integrity and not force them but bring them up, constantly showing why it's helpful and useful to use them.

My belief is, that without ethics, integrity and congruity, a sales person will never rise above mediocrity.

One of the most valuable perceptions a prospect can have of us as salespeople is trustworthiness. When we're in line with integrity, there's no need to fake it.

When I really started living my persuasion life with total integrity, I noticed amazing things start to happen for me and for my business. I began to draw more of what I wanted to me, I began to draw higher end clients and students who were also trustworthy whereas previously many of my clients were not people who I really wanted to do business with.

Having concentrated with intention on building up that aspect of my life and having an abundance of integrity in the bank is like having built up my 'f-you' money. I could walk away from any situation that was not comfortable because I no longer "needed" to take on just anyone but could be very selective in my processes. Consider never compromising yourself again as the first step. It's an amazing feeling.
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Kenrick Cleveland teaches strategies to earn the business of wealthy clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion strategies.
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