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Consider Online Printing Services

Jun 28, 2008
Have you ever considered using an online printing service? Many brick and mortar business owners forget the power of doing business on the World Wide Web when it comes to finding the best prices, quality, and convenience for all of your copy shop needs.

Gone are the days when it was necessary to trudge a pile of documents across town in the rain, wind, snow, and sleet in order to get quality printing services. Today you can merely send the documents you need copied with a click of a button and have them delivered to your door when all is said and done. How's that for convenience and personal service? Most documents are produced using some type of publishing program, with that in mind, why load the file to a disk or zip drive, then physically take the digital file to a copy shop?

Whether you need printing and copying services or a full service commercial printing company, you will find that you can get the quality you need, at an affordable price, as well as the personal service you desire online just as easily as you can get these same services down the road. In fact, if you live in a town that only has one printer you just might find that "friendly and personable" are not as important to them as it is to you. Online, there is a bigger pool to draw from and you can take your time to find the company that works best for your specific printing needs. Usually, a buyer of print services can save 50% or more using an online printer, even when you factor in the shipping cost. In fact, online printers are a perfect solution if you are planning to distribute your printing to several locations, as most online printers have great shipping rates.

In one case the customer had sales staff throughout the country and needs sales materials printed and shipped to whatever location that the rep is giving a presentation. The rep is able to show up at the destination with the printed materials waiting. Prior to using online services the rep had to haul the printing to the presentation or have it printed in an unfamiliar town, without any way to control costs.

When you make the decision to go with an online printing service you are often making a decision to go with the best financial option for printing services that is available for your needs. In fact you just might find that you are getting the best, cheap, color copy services in the business by going with an online provider rather than choosing one of the local guys that may handle lower volume sales, have higher operating expenses, or more tax liabilities to cover when setting the prices for your printing services.

Quality commercial printing is difficult to come by in the best of times. When you need high quality in a flyer printing company as much as you need reasonable prices it definitely pays to shop around. Sometimes the best bargains are right next-door but you'll never know until you've checked out the full range of competition and that includes competitors online.

Just remember that the quality of the printing that is provided to you says as much to your customers about your business as it does to you about the business of the ones doing the printing. For this reason you need to make sure that while keeping price in mind, quality is a key consideration. Selecting a printing service that promises quality and displays a strong sense of ethics is definitely a way to insure that your printing and copying needs are in good hands. If you trust your instincts when selecting a new copy shop you will often find that you've made a wise decision whether you choose an online printing service or one that is just down the road.
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Rob Muskelley is the Wilkesboro North Carolina based owner and operator of an online digital print shop. For questions about online print services contact Rob at http://www.moxicopy.com
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