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How To Import From China

Jun 28, 2008
Do you ever check the manufacturing labels on products and see that the majority of items are made in China? It's clear that, if you have, you've been paying attention! There are millions of products imported into the United States every year that are manufactured in and exported from China Obviously this has made a positive impact on both the American and Chinese economy.

The economic growth of China over the past few years has been nothing short of amazing. At its current growth rate, China is poised to become a major economic superpower in its region of the world. This is why it is no surprise that China is currently positioned as the number four exporter to the United States.

China is very attractive to importing businesses because it is on the US' top ten list of exporting countries. China provides the United States with many different forms of items, raw materials, and other merchandise that is readily devoured. When one begins an import/export business agreement with Chinese factories, it is very likely you will make money. Obviously, this would depend on implementing business relationships correctly. When entertaining the thought of importing items from China, there are several issues to consider.

Because most of China's exports originate in the manufacturing industry, you must develop an affiliation between your import company and the most reliable factories available. It might take some hard work and persistence to find them, but if you end up with high-quality, popular merchandise, it will have been worth your while.

You may wish to visit China and develop business ties after reviewing the scope of your business. This helps you better understand the country and culture with which you are working. In addition to this, it will aid in the development of stronger personal ties between you and the separate individuals with whom you'll be closely working.

Also, there are a host of trade shows held in China that are specifically designed to appeal to those considering importing from China.

If you are planning a trip to China, going to a trade fair like this would be useful for improving your knowledge of the import process. On the other hand, you may be able to attend one of these expositions when it's held in the U.S. rather than having to travel all the way to China. Making time to visit one is a wise decision.

Ultimately, the purpose of all these tips is to establish a strong relationship with the supplier. If you have a solid relationship with your supplier then the potential for your business relationship to be mutually beneficial will increase significantly. As the old saying goes, "life is a two way street." Well, so is the import-export business. This is why strengthening relationships is always critical to success.

The potential for China's manufacturing industry to grow even stronger looks quite promising. This is why importing from China has the potential to be quite lucrative. As such, any serious minded import business should consider importing from the very unique country and share it its economic growth.
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