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Go From Working A Job To Working At Home

Jun 29, 2008
The question is where do your start in your hunt for a home based business that can supplement or replace your current income. You can literally chose from 1000's of business opportunities so we need to narrow the search.

First you have to figure how much time you have to dedicate to your new endeavor. Most opportunities will claim you can make a fortune in just a few hours per week. That sounds so enticing, but in reality that is not the case.

What makes people a success from home is hard work, dedication and focus. Unfortunately 95% of people fail because they don't retain those qualities. Let's face the facts it takes work to make big money. Period!

What you need to realize right off the bat is that it takes a lot of hard work to succeed in the home business arena. There are always a lot of distractions, and those who can focus and persist are those that reside on the leaderboards. The other thing to be prepared for is that it will take time to really succeed, because there is a learning curve to navigate.

Then once you come to the realization that this will take work, you need to pick a program or company which you feel comfortable promoting. Also the type of company, by that I mean the way the company is set up, ie. MLM or internet marketing, network marketing etc.

When choosing your business make sure you know what your getting in to. MLM businesses tend to be very complex. From the hundreds of products you need to have knowledge of(otherwise how could you sell them with conviction) to the very complex ever changing compensation plan. Direct sales has a much shorter learning curve.

In my opinion the quickest way to success and profit is in the direct sales internet marketing business. You have no quotas to meet, no products to stock, and the commissions dwarf that of what you will find in the MLM businesses.

After you have tackled all those tough decisions, take a hard look at the person who is sponsoring you into the business. They should convey a leadership quality. Look for someone who has some experience so they can help you avoid the mistakes they made along the way. And make sure they answer their phone!!

Okay now that you have all the ducks in a row, put together a plan to shoot them down. what I mean by this is you need organization and planning. Make a schedule that can work around your current responsibilities. Early mornings, late nights , lunch time, whenever just be consistant!

Help yourself by putting together a little schdule that maps out your day, week and month. Get specific on your task to be completed and get them done as schduled. If you are organized it will save time, and every minute counts when you have a packed day planner. Always remember to be persistent in your efforts and you will be assured success.
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