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Stay At Home Moms Make Money On Ebay

Jun 29, 2008
People have been talking about making money online for years. In most cases they are referring to making money in an online auction called eBay. Perhaps you tried it a couple times. You may have browsed the sales and even made some tenuous bids. EBay is a revolving door of used and collectable items. There is also a large amount of new items which are offered for auction. It is a dizzying array of items: phones, DVDs, cars, vacation time in time shares, and about everything you can imagine. What you may not have realized is that online auctions are an opportunity for the little people, you and me, to start our own business and get our own products or inventions in front of the eBay public.

Getting started making money on eBay or another online auction is not difficult but even more important is that it is 100% legitimate and profitable as a work at home business. This is no scam. There are no worries about getting ripped by up-front required investments and no secret information for you to purchase in order to succeed.

If you look around you will see many of the scammers and bad businesses, which will be glad to separate you from your money. There are also good business which will introduce you to great and authentic business opportunities like eBay. Even though you will find literally thousands of references to different ways to make money on eBay, most are not giving the best advise. Reselling junk that you buy at garage sales is not very profitable. The best eBay home business are not known as well and will be revealed. Read on.

It does not matter what your living conditions are, all can work for you in running your eBay business. These things are required: a computer, something to sell and the motivation and knowledge to get started. You can work from an apartment or out of your parents' basement.

How to get started with an eBay home business: If you're thinking of reselling garage-sale items and things like this, go ahead and dive right in. You can figure out everything surprisingly quickly. The eBay website explains everything you'll need to know if you just take the time to review it. It's straightforward and simplejust follow the instructions. You'll be listing items in no time and reaping the benefits.

eBay also provides tips and options for making the most of your listing, such as finding out what your item is worth (see others' average selling price and how many have sold), learning how to take photos that are well-lit with simple backgrounds, and only charging reasonable shipping costs since excessive fees will scare away buyers.

If figuring things out for yourself isn't your forte, there are manuals, DVDs, even other websites and blogs that can help get you started. The best part about getting a little outside training on eBay is that you learn ways to make money that you never thought of before. Did you know that you can sell \"information only\" items on eBay? Items like downloadable manuals and books, software, different kinds of lists, etc. This kind of selling requires no shipping, no inventory, no waiting to see who won, and you can do it over and over againautomatically. Whenever someone wins an auction, you simply point them to where they download the information you provide and the money just keeps showing up in your paypal account. Then eBay starts another auction for you automatically, for the same item. It's downloadable information, so you can sell it over and over again. It realy is one of the most amazing ways of making money on eBay! You need to learn more about this kind of eBay business before you start though.

Even though I mentioned that reselling garage sale items may not be the way to go, it certainly is a good way to get started. List those old Barbie dolls. Drag out the Nancy Drew books and list them. This does two things: it gets you comfortable with the process and becomes part of your comfort zone. It also puts money into your pocket quickly. After you are comfortable with the process, then the other alternative ways of selling may be appealing to you. This works. In addition to the idea of selling an online book or pamplet, you could develop a relationship with a manufacturer and drop ship your product. You just take the orders and the manufacturer ships to your customer. You dont touch the product, you just reap the rewards. So, after reading this, do you still think you have to stay home and be bored or broke? Or do you want to start your own eBay business and make money. All you have to do is make the effort. What is more fun that making money and feeding that wallet at the same time?
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