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Online Business Intern Programs - Are They Any Good?

Jun 29, 2008
Online business intern programs can be a good way to learn about internet marketing. Here is some information that may help you to decide whether an intern program would work for you.

There are many ways to learn something new, and people tend to prefer one style of learning over others. For some, reading is the most effective way to learn. For others, watching as someone else performs a task is better. However, perhaps the best way to learn is by actually performing the task - by doing.

It's not hard to understand the purpose of intern programs. They are a way to gain experience by performing practical, real-world tasks. If you've watched any of the 'medical dramas' on TV, you'll have seen interns being expected to work long hours and perform menial tasks.

Internet marketing internships work along the same lines. They present an opportunity for students to "learn by doing". Generally, interns are given daily tasks to perform. They receive written and/or video training on how to perform each task. After carrying out each task, they report back to the marketer by email.

Tasks are usually designed to promote or improve the Internet marketer's business. The intern gets to learn how to do the tasks so that they can use them to build their own business.

This can be a classic 'win-win' situation. The marketer benefits by having other people help to promote their business. The intern gains useful practical experience, as well as the discipline of a daily commitment.

Intern programs do have some inherent risks for Internet marketers. Interns should not be given tasks to perform which may reflect negatively on the marketer. For example, a common intern task is posting comments on other people's blogs. This can be highly effective, provided that the intern understands how to contribute to the conversation. One marketer became known as a spammer when his interns started posting 'junk' comments on other people's blogs.

Unfortunately, only between 1% and 5% of all interns will take action and actually complete any intern program.

Interns should be given tasks which are carefully chosen to suit their abilities, especially at the beginning of the intern program. It is important that the tasks should not demand too much time and effort, as this may end up frustrating interns.

It's useful to design an intern program which will have long-term benefits for the interns. My intern program, for example, ensures that interns set up a network of blogs, Web 2.0 assets and backlinks which will help them to build their own business.

If you're considering joining an intern program, remember that it will only be of value to you if you actually complete the assigned tasks.
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