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Jun 29, 2008
A select few have learnt how to make a great deal of money from the Internet. This is because the Internet allows you to reach a global audience and they have tapped into this and leveraged their efforts.

Many new Internet marketers find it difficult to earn more than a modest income. Knowing that there are riches to be found this can be an extremely frustrating experience.

Many people actually lose money in their efforts to generate online income. Advertising costs, and the costs of training can be greater than the income generated.

It is not unreasonable to aim for $100,000 or more per year in income from the Internet. However, it is usually a mistake to aim for this in a single project. it is much more feasible to generate this sort of income from a range of smaller projects.

There are many strategies for developing passive income on the Internet. A large income can be derived from the use of multiple sources of smaller amounts of passive income.

For example, there are many ways to generate $5 a day on the Internet. This may not seem very significant, but over the course of the year this would generate $1825. Again, this may not seem very exciting. However, if you were to put in place 100 similar sources you would now be earning $500 a day. This equates to a yearly income of $182,500.

Nevertheless, a common mistake is to trial too many different techniques at once. There are many gurus to follow, and many different opportunities to make money on the Internet. However, without focus it can be very difficult to develop an online business, delivering consistent passive income.

Unfortunately, if you work on 10 different jobs at the same time, it can lead to them receiving only 10% of the effort each. An alternative is to work on one job at the time with 100% effort and bringing it to completion quickly. Think of the reward, if you were able to implement one new $5 a day strategy each week. At the end of your first year, you would have around 50 sources generating an annual income of $91,250.

Rather than hoping for the one next 'big thing' which may never happen, it could be much more productive to work on small achievable steps they can build over time into a substantial income
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