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How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Jun 29, 2008
It would appear that so many people have a blog these days. However, what is the difference between a Perez Hilton and, say, any one of several thousands of blogs which fall into insignificance each and every day? The answer of course is getting more traffic to your blog and here are a few easy ways to make this happen.

To begin with it is essential that your blog is full of meaning and not simply someplace to store a stack of rewritten articles. If the amount of activity already taking place on your blog is heavy, this in turn, draws more visitors and has many positive benefits. Each time a comment is posted on your blog it is updated and the search engines tend to favor sites with new and regularly restructured information. This will also persuade others to join in and once they have, they are likely to return more often to check out what sort of reaction has been received to what they had to say.

Another good idea to get the interest in your blog to grow is to post on more popular blogs than yours which are similar in content, but don't forget the link to your blog, naturally! If you do not find yourself thinking along the same lines as the blog's editor, do not be hesitate to say so - you never know, you may start something which will entice the editor to respond and those visiting are likely to take a look at your blog to see what you have to say too. On the other hand if you agree completely with the blog's editor and have noticed that the blog has occasional guest posters, why not contact the blogmaster to see if it is possible for you to write a guest post for them?

Digg is one of several social networking sites which are a super way to attract traffic to your blog. Digg works by allowing users to give a thumbs up or down to whatever they have read on line as well as on the Digg site itself. It is, in effect, a way to rate pages on the Internet to make sure the best ones get the most attention. Should you wish your site to rate as high as possible on Digg, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Firstly, you need to write catchy headlines as this is the first thing to take hold of the visitor's attention prior to actually reading a post. Then when you put forward your post to Digg, ensure that the description says what the post is about so as not to incur any shocks which may lead readers to give you a thumbs down because the description is only vaguely connected to the content. Don't irritate your readers by starting off well but failing to follow through with quality reading. This will only get you bad reviews and could lead to you being banned from social bookmarking sites altogether.

Although the above methods will help you to draw more traffic to your blog, you should bear in mind that even the most efficiently promoted blog will not be successful if the content is not both meaningful and interesting to the reader.
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