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How To Take Advantage Of Web 2.0

Jun 29, 2008
You are standing on the spreads end of the shelf at the hyper market. Every time you have been here you picked Blue Band. But with the advertisements you have been seeing on TV you recognize Biddy stacked right next to your usual margarine.

You would not mind a change. Further more you have been using "BB" since you knew bread. Unfortunaely you remember the nasty experience you had, the last time you tried a new "maj". The thing tasted horrible but you had to finish the tab because you had already bought it. Right now you are wondering if this is this the kind of trouble you will have if you pick Biddy.

Then you good friend at the office bumps into you as you weight your options. She picks Biddy and goes on to tell you how she likes it. She makes an effort to give you a verbal idea of the taste. At this you pick the medium sized tab with much less apprehension, willing to give it a try.

Your colleague just tipped you over in a manner that those sales girls with cute offers cannot. We generally distrust sales people. They are pushy and irritatingly insistent. But your colleague's recommendation is highly welcome.

This technique of recommending is well put to use by the Web 2.0 ready Amazon among other savvy internet businesses. When you check out stuff in such websites you find it is peppered with opinions from people like you whom have bought. This often sways your decisions just like the colleague at the supermarket shelves.

A Web 2.0 ready business will design their Content Management System inclusive of architecture of participation. Have a way of your users to participate and add value to the website; for example by giving comments on their experience with your product or service.

But recommendations are not the only way to evoke user participation. Rating, which is a less intensive form of participation, is increasingly becoming a common way of accessing quality of an offer. And since it only requires a click of a button, most of the times, more users tend to participate. The more users participate the more sticky your website becomes to them.

As mentioned last week, Web 2.0 is about customers, the user. And as you know customers with good experience do not often tell. But a customer who has had a bad experience, boy, don't they tell everyone. So you cannot afford to have poor quality offers on your website and a participation architecture. Unless of course, you like the feeling of your head being clumped with a vice. You will get "flamed" with aggressive comments and very negative ratings that can send you business on a downward spiral.
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