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Choosing the Best CRM Software For Your Company

Jun 29, 2008
The Benefits of Using CRM Software:

CRM or customer relationship management software, can be a vital tool for small companies to worldwide corporations alike. The main purpose of most CRM software is to help companies track and manage vital information about their customers, allowing the company to stay in contact and better serve and understand their customers, this helps to build great relationships with each and every person that does business with you.

On top of the most important feature outlined in the paragraph above, CRM software also offers a host of other features which vary from platform to platform. Some of those features often include: sales, marketing, email management, customer service, training, professional development, performance management, human resource development, and compensation. By now you should have a better understanding of why your company can benefit from using a reliable CRM solution. You should also know that CRM software can be used through many web based solutions as well as on the clients computer, depending on which works better for you.

How to Choose the Right CRM Software:

First and foremost you need to know what you expect to get out of the software and what areas you need help in building customer relationships. Since, as I mentioned, the uses of these software vary widely, choosing the right CRM will come down to your specific needs. If you realize that you're having trouble tracking sales, find a CRM that offers extensive help in that area. Likewise, a CRM that offers strong support for email management allowing for stronger communication between you and your clients may be more suited towards you and your company.

My personal favorite type of CRM software are the web based versions. What you might lose in functionality, they make up for with technical support and ease of use, as the web based versions are designed to work simple and effectively. However, if you run a large scale company with a team of people that will need to access these tools and data, an installed version will probably benefit you the most because you can install the software on all of the computers in the office. I would also recommend staying away from some of the open-source or free versions out there, in my experience they are difficult to use and tend to lack many important features. Below is a quick, easy to read list of what to look for in CRM software:

1. Price - CRM software can be very expensive, so its important to realize what your budget is for this and be sure not to exceed that.

2. Look and feel - We have all used a software that just looks like junk and its never any fun. Check for clean interfaces, easy to read text and overall professionalism.

3. Functionality - Here is the most important aspect to look for when choosing a CRM. Know the functions you need and be sure that whatever program you choose can meet your needs.

4. Type - Are you looking for a web based version or one that you can install on your computer? This really comes down to personal preference, but you may also find that many of the web based versions can lack some of the power and features as standard CRM software.
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Here is a great list of some of the best web based crm software to get you started, along with more detailed information on what crm software is and can do for you at Jessica's website.
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