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How to Make Sure Google Keeps Your Website Buried

Jun 29, 2008
Since it's inception, the Internet has been constantly changing. Linking strategies change, marketing tactics are getting increasingly more elaborate, search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, new online opportunities have opened up, but amid all the change and evolution of the Internet, one simple fact has become an undeniable constant. To get large amounts of free traffic directed towards your website, your website must be ranked very high in Google.

This is directed to the confused Internet marketer. To make sure you don't get large amounts of free traffic directed towards your website, make sure not to stray from the following points.

Firstly, when registering your domain name, don't choose a domain name that relates to your website. If you are promoting a weight-loss product with the name, "Uber Fast Six Pack Ultra Abs," don't register a domain name similar to uberfastsixpackultraabs.com. Instead, register a completely un-related domain name such as peanutbuttertastesgood.com.

When designing your website, make sure you don't put the your primary keyword phrase in your web-site's title. Again, if you are targeting the keyword phrase "Uber Fast Six Pack Ultra Abs," make sure not to include this phrase in your title tag. Instead, include something completely unrelated, such as "Why we KNOW Elvis is still alive," or "Proof the moon landing was a hoax."

Make sure the images you upload to your website don't have names related to your main keyword phrase. Naming an uploaded image to a six pack abs website Six_Pack_Abs.jpg is a big no-no. Additionally, don't give your images alt-tags that have anything to do with keyword phrase you want to get rank for. Rather than naming an image "Six_Pack_Abs_Fast_Image_1", name it something like "fried_eggs_and_ham."

Don't install a Wordpress blog on your website. If your web-hosting provider has an automated blog installer such as Fantastico, don't install a blog in the yourdomain.com/blog directory. Additionally, don't regularly post in this blog and make sure never to submit your blogs' RSS feed to any RSS aggregators such as such as FeedAgg, FeedFury, RSSMotron, or Feedest.

Another good method to keep your site buried in Google is to refrain from linking to your website from high PR (Page Rank) social bookmaking websites such as Digg, Indianpad, Mixx, and Propeller. Linking to your web-site from these sites will quickly dash your ultimate goal of being buried in Google.

Creating blogs and pages with Blogger, Suidoo, Hubpages, Livejournal and other blog sites shouldn't cross your mind. Additionally, you shouldn't submit the blogs' RSS feeds to any RSS aggregators that you might find on a search engine such as Google.

Since Google loves videos, don't make a video related to your niche and upload it to video-supporting websites such as YouTube, Myspace, Vimeo and Google Videos, and whatever you do, make sure not to but a link back to your website in the info box, or in your profile box.

Don't write articles related to your niche and submit them to various article directories. Since Google loves article directories, submitting well-written articles is the last thing you want to do if you want to keep your web-site buried.

Above all though, remember that keeping fresh related content on your website should be a very low priority.

And that's about it. If you want to make sure Google keeps your web-site buried, follow the above steps and you have my personal guarantee that you will not fail
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-Paul Ciaramitaro - SEO expert and Internet marketer. The Internet is saturated with a large number of mis-leading ebooks on SEO and search engine strategies, but amid the rough, there are a few diamonds such as Google Manipulator .
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