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Limit Your Advertising to Increase Regular Visitors

Jun 29, 2008
There are some people who like to post messages on their own blog or to create websites because it is a hobby to them. For the rest of us, however, we expect to make some money off of our website, even if it is only to cover our expenses. If building websites is your business, whether part-time or full-time, you need to make sure that you are profitable whenever you're doing so. Since there are so many different things that you can put on your website in order to help you make money, you might get caught in the trap of adding too much advertising. This can hurt you in a number of different ways.

First of all, if you are generating blog posts on a regular basis in order to get people to read them you may be driving these individuals away if you make it difficult for them to find the post. A good example of this is adding Adsense to the blog page. Although it is certainly possible for you to make a lot of money by using Adsense, it is also possible for you to drive some people way if you use it inappropriately. If you want to maximize your income and your visitors at the same time, make sure that you have your ad above the fold and clearly visible but not so much that they have to look around for what you have actually written.

Another reason why using too much advertising may be a bad idea is because too many options is often much worse than no options at all. If somebody comes your website, and you give them the content that they are looking for and then offer them a way to exit your website. Typically, this is done through some form of advertising, either a text link or a banner. If you only offer them one or two ways to exit your website, they will typically take that exit because they are not given any other options. If you have exits all over the place, people will generally just back out of the website with their back button. Remember, a simple website is much more effective than one that is cluttered with advertising for this very reason.

One thing that you want to make sure that you avoid at all cost are full-page advertisements that need to be clicked through in order to actually end up on the content. Although these can make you some money, they will certainly not result in anybody coming back in order to read your content again. The same is also true with multiple pop-ups. If somebody has to back out of two pop-ups every time they come to your website, they will not be visiting very often. If you must use a pop-up, use a cookie so that they do not see the same pop up over and over again on subsequent visits. It's a matter of common courtesy and an excellent way to make sure that people are happy and continue to visit.
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