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A Slice of Excellence Comes With Every Dahle Paper Cutter

Jun 29, 2008
A Dahle paper cutter is professional instrument meant for giving clean straight cuts to, depending on the model, a single piece of paper or several hundred at a time. They are often used for such things as arts and crafts, photography and print work or other types of paper related hobbies. A paper cutter is necessary any time a project requires sleek, professional lines.

Paper cutter comes in all sizes for in home applications and commercial usage. Some cutters can run for less than one hundred dollars while larger industrial size cutters run in the thousands. The size of paper cutter an individual needs should be in proportion to the type of work they do.

A paper cutter used for such things as scrapbooking need not be very big. However, the more professional the project, the higher the quality should be. Offices that use paper cutters tend to opt for a mid sized, mid priced model that can cut up to a hundred sheets at a time.

A smaller Dahle paper cutter can be approximately a foot in width and length, making it a space saving piece of equipment. They can be easily stowed on a shelf or large drawer when not in use. The equipment is just heavy enough to prevent slippage while it is being used. Some models also have rubberized feet to provide extra grip.

As an added bonus, most cutters offer some type of measurement feature that allows one to get an accurate measure of what they are cutting. Whether it is an onboard ruler or grid system, this feature ensures just the right amount of paper is cut in just the right places. This is especially necessary when it comes to commercial pieces of equipment.

A Dahle paper cutter has different models such as the guillotine and the rotary paper cutter. The guillotine model has been around for quite some time and is still quite popular with the vast majority of people. Rotary cutters are a safety version of guillotine cutters and are often for use in classrooms around small children.

Most paper cutters work from the right. With a guillotine cutter a large, curved bladed lever is lifted and depressed cutting into paper with a scissor like action. The angle and pressure of the blade will give a smooth clean cut, as long as the blade is well maintained and sharp. A safety guard to the immediate left of the blade ensures fingers are kept out of the way of the blade's action.

Larger versions of this type of paper cutter are referred to as stack cutters and are mostly used in commercial applications. They are usually mechanized to make getting through several hundred sheets of paper a much easier task. Stack cutters are also capable of working with heavier gauges of media such as cardboard and even laminate.

A rotary paper cutter also works from the right but has and encased head unit that moves up and down a stationary bar. It has many of the same features as a guillotine cutter; however, the head unit can have up to four blades at a time. These blades can cut decorative lines or perforations and are a better choice for home use and art projects.

As with any equipment that uses sharp edges and cutting actions, it is important that a Dahle paper cutter always be used with safety in mind. Many models have been redesigned with safety in mind but it is still possible for accidents to occur even in the safest of environments. Whether working with a guillotine, stack or rotary cutter, special care should be taken when replacing a unit's blades.
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