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Paper Shredders Offer Private Security

Jun 29, 2008
Thanks to the rising levels of identity theft, paper shredders have become mandatory pieces of equipment for the home and office. Along with mailboxes and a person's trash, there are many stories of medical and insurance offices, banks and law practices where sensitive information has been breached. According to federal agencies, the amount that individuals and businesses will spend combating identity fraud and espionage will number on the high millions.

Security experts all agree that there is little identity thieves or spies can do if they never get their hands on the information they need. There has been a great deal of attention and focus on creating secure online environments that combat information theft. Unfortunately, cunning thieves often thrive on the challenge of getting around all types of security parameters.

When it comes to shredding documents, there is little that can be done to retrieve information. This is especially true when using high security cross cut shredders that obliterate sensitive documents in the blink of an eye. While not everyone needs a top level security shredder for dispersing secrets of national security, one should still take an interest in a shredder that can adeptly shred credit card bills and offers, old credit reports, outdated medical records, bank statements and other like data.

Industries that work regularly with private information are required to periodically and securely dispose of anything that could be used for fraudulent gain or against a person. This can be credit card and bank payment information in addition to psychological reports, legal documents or military records. To avoid facing prosecution for disregarding this requirement, many choose the option of shredding.

Depending on the brand, features and quality, paper shredders can be found for less than one hundred dollars. However, those who will be using their shredder in a high volume capacity would do well to opt for a higher quality or even commercial model. These types of shredders can run from a couple hundred dollars into the thousands.

Smaller, personal shredders that sit desk side and handle less than one hundred sheets of paper per day in a general office environment usually come in strip cut models. Cross cut models are typically for completely shredding documents of a highly sensitive nature. The more sensitive the information, the finer the cut should be.

These days, the tenacity of thieves digging through garbage has spurred both individuals and businesses to opt for cross cut shredders. They tend to not only do a good job of turning personal information into confetti, they also give a better peace of mind that the information can never be retrieved.

Shredders are also built to handle different capacities of shredding. A quality shredder has a feed that can handle up to a dozen pages at a time in addition to a motor cooling system that prevents overheating and burning out. This can be a great bonus for office environments that shred documents on a fairly regular basis.

An automatic lubrication feature is also a bonus when it comes to shredders. As the blades of shredders work at rapid speed and deal with paper fibers each time it is used, it must be lubricated on a fairly regular basis to stay sharp, operable and in good shape. A well maintained shredder can offer years of good use.

For the most part, paper shredders are easy to operate. Other accessories, such as bags and boxes, can come with a shredder to make emptying waste paper easier and more convenient. To keep an eco friendly stance, shredded paper can be sent out to local recycling centers if so desired.
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