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The Evolution Of PC Games

Jun 29, 2008
Only a decade ago we were all enjoying the simple pixel graphics and poorly animated visuals of PC games. This was back in a time where things such as DirectX were new technologies- and operating systems had little support for video games. It's ironic to see that today you'll be hard pressed to find any kind of PC without some type of game on it.

As we progress to newer technologies in virtual reality, perceptual realism, and bridge the gap to reality in video games- we can't help but look back at the landmarks along the way that got us where we are today.

Peripherals In Relation to PC Games

PC games have been using peripherals for quite some time. They seek to make a better experience for PC gamers by making a realistic experience. A PC gamer may, for instance, choose to use a steering wheel or joystick to simulate driving a car or flying an airplance.

But the most common PC game peripherals are gamepads- surely not the most advanced, but the most common. Gamepads are popular for making the playing experience easier- not necessarily more lifelike. A first person shooter player may, for instance, use a gamepad to use "hot keys" to do certain commands- such as talking to teammates or changing weapons.

PC Games and Graphics

If you compare a PC game from the past to one of today, you'll notice a large difference. Whereas pixel graphics were popular in the past, 3D graphics are much more popular today. Where 2D graphics are still used, a new kind of graphics called 2.5D graphics are used that combine the two for a compromised result.

Today, almost everything is in 3D. This means that almost everything a PC gamer interacts with has some type of 3D model, object, or sprite associated with it- even if it is a 2D game! This allows for more realism in PC games, and thus, gives the PC gamer a better experience.

Society And PC Games

Each month, there is an estimated 5-6 million users playing World of Warcraft. That is a pretty stunning number, and indeed could account for an entire city of people- or cities! This just goes to show that society is addicted to PC games- and it isn't something that is going to change any time soon.

PC games have become a part of most of who we are- the only thing left to do is to ponder what they could be like in the future!

The Future of PC Games

The foundations of virtual reality are already being developed. We already have the ability to use brain waves to move objects in PC games- the interesting part will be to see where the technology goes, and how far we take it.

Even more interesting is the fact that holographic technology is emerging. Soon we will be able to interact with beams of light that makeup "fake" objects. This technology is decades away from being perfected, but it is truly exciting to say the least. Perhaps in several more decades, PC games will be a completely real experience!
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