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The Top Seven Reasons Why People Join Network Marketing

Jun 29, 2008
The question is always asked; "How do I get people to join my network marketing business?" The answer is quite simple - Establish a trust with them. We need to get into the prospects mind, and to do this, we need to fully understand why people join network marketing.

We all remember the day we started, and saw that presentation of that ideal opportunity, and we had our reason to join network marketing. That was simple for us, but to discover your prospects reason, which probably is not the same as yours is a bit more difficult. Our reason of getting involved may seem a good reason for someone else to get involved, but all too often, this is where network marketers fail.

The most important part in sponsoring a new member into your network marketing business is the follow up. If we can move people, they are more likely to join us. If we can discover why people join network marketing, discover your prospects reason, their why, they will be more likely to join you, and more likely to stay.

Let's first go over the top seven reasons of why people join network marketing.

1) Extra Income. There are a lot of people today living pay check to pay check due to the rising costs of food, fuel, and housing. Many people are just looking for a few extra dollars a month, so the money stops running out before the month does.

2) Financial Freedom. This is a big reason that people are looking towards network marketing. Many presentations out there focus directly on this reason, but is certainly is not the only reason. If you only focus on this reason during your follow up with a prospect, you will lose more than half your prospects, as this may not be their reason.

3) More Time. You may be talking to a big income earner that is putting in 70 - 80 hour work weeks, that does not have time for family and friends. These people are not looking for more money, they are happy with their current income level, they just need more time with their spouse, kids and friends. They need time to travel, and enjoy life.

4) Retirement. This is a big one. There are so many baby boomers out there that now realize that they have not adequately planned for their retirement. Currently their income is sufficient, but they realize at the age of 60 - 65 they will not have the income coming in to support the lifestyle they are currently living. They are looking for the "Plan B"

5) Helping Others. This is a unique person. They are more interested in helping others achieve their dreams, than helping themselves. Everyone needs one of these people in their network marketing business. Some have already achieved financial success, and just are looking for a vehicle to share with others and help others achieve theirs.

6) Leaving a Legacy. Some people out there are looking to set up a legacy for their family. With many good network marketing opportunities out there, this is possible.

7) Owning Their Own Business. There are some people that hate working for another man or woman. They would settle for half their income, if they could be their own boss.

Now, it your job to study and learn these reasons of why people join network marketing. These 7 reasons above will cover 98% of your prospects why. You can call these the 7 motivation factors in people lives,

When you are doing a follow up with your prospect, after they have seen your presentation, it is your duty to ask them, what their motivation factor is. They don't care about yours; you do not even need to tell them what your reason is. The follow up needs to be about them.

Again I reiterate that the follow up must be about them. After you discover their reason for joining network marketing, tell them yes, you can help them achieve this, and start expanding on it. After they join you, and many will, talk about their reason every time you speak to them and keep it in front of them always. Following this simple technique on why people join network marketing and it can vastly increase your sponsoring rate and retention rate.
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Rod Larrivee is a full time network marketer and trainer located in Vancouver Canada. To take a look at Rod's business which can fulfill all reasons of why people join network marketing go here: http://www.myglobalmax.com
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