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Texas SEO Search Engines Crawl Web Pages, Not Websites. Get The Best Ranking For Your Site

Jun 29, 2008
How well organized is your company site or blog? Were you told when it was designed that your website was optimized for good search engine performance?

But was it really?

Remember this: Search engines crawl and index web pages. Not websites.

Now this is where it might get confusing to the non SEO (search engine optimization) oriented person. You see, your website is only a bunch of pages to the engines. Each one unique in and of itself, based on the content it offers to your users and their searchers. Yes, the hope and goal when each site is built is that the search engine spiders will crawl and index the whole website. But more than that, you need to understand that each page needs to be optimized individually for maximum SEO, and the best SERP (search engine result pages) placement for your business website or blog.

What this means to you and your company site is this. Many websites are constructed as a big, mixed presentation of all the products and services your company provides. I see it each and every day.

However, SEO is not done this way effectively. You cannot optimize the site well if all of the products and services are a big hodge podge throughout the pages. Instead, you should target one term you desire for each page. Splitting off different products and services to their own page.

Let me give you an example. If your company sells household cleaning products, you need to split them off into sections, possibly even a page for each individual product. Totally depending upon the desired keywords and phrases you wish to obtain.

My advice, almost always to companies wanting to get the best SEO performance out of their website or blog is to split things up where ever possible. Focus on one product, one service, one keyword, or one keyphrase. Build your pages around each and optimize them as individuals. This is how you get the best SEO for a website. By considering the SEO for each page. Not just the site as a whole.

Think small. Keep each page focused and keep it clear. Your overall SEO efforts will show in the long run. In those tough to crack SERP pages.

If you will take the time, and think about each page, each product, and each service as individuals and then do the homework behind the keyword research, you can take your site to higher levels in the search engine result pages.

Page one is the goal. Page five of the result pages is NOT a business plan. It's a recipe for bankruptcy.

So keep on optimizing. Keep on working on that SEO. You can get there if you stay focused on the prize. Don't let your company website sit in the midst of mediocrity. Let it reign supreme.

SEO takes time, and it takes patience. But if you take it slow and easy and study the process, you can learn the basics in very little time. You can make your site perform better. You can get good organic search listings. All with just the investment of some time and energy.

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