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For Success With Affiliate Marketing Choose the Correct Affiliate Site Topic

Jun 30, 2008
Many people slap up a website, add a bunch of banners and think that they are going to make a ton of money. Sorry...not true. It takes a lot more than some pretty banners and minimal content to make a website profitable. To make money with affiliate marketing, you first need to make sure that you are choosing the correct affiliate programs and topics. If most people really paid attention, they would realize that they chose a program simply because it pays more than others. This high pay will not mean much if they cannot sell the program to make money.

For example, if you have a website a blog setup it is always good practice to put up affiliate links that have something to do with what your site is about. It is not very likely that you will get buyers from your links if you put up banners about high heels on a video game website. You need to choose the right topics because you want to target certain people.

Even offline, big companies make their money by trying to target the sex and age group of the people they think will be more likely to buy the product. For those high heel banner ads, you will get someone to buy from your affiliate if your website is about women's shoes or overall fashion.

It can be tempting to throw up off topic links if you have a site that gets many visitors but by choosing the correct topic, you are showing these affiliate links to a certain target group. These visitors are on your site because of the topic, the title and what your website is about. They want to look at and read what you have to offer. They won't pay much attention to advertising that has nothing to do with them.

Targeted advertising does not do much in more recent times because people have become almost blind to them. They have learned to look past the flashing banners to quickly find the information that they are seeking. If there is nothing of interest, they will hit the back button and continue on their search.

Another reason to choose the correct topic is so that you are advertising something that you understand. Due to the fact that you should be choosing ads that complement your website; you should know what the product is about. If you have created a site solely to get people to buy, you want to know what you are talking about. Choosing a product that you have never used or even heard of can be difficult when you can't give your visitors information about it because you don't know or understand the topic.

So, if you want to make a "real" business from an affiliate website, choose a topic that you know something about. Everyone has some passion or hobby that he or she just loves to talk about. Build your website around YOUR own interests. You'll be better able to recommend appropriate affiliate programs to match that interest...and you'll be less likely to be bored working on your website.
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