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Recession Proof Business Opportunities, Top 3 Small Business Ideas

Jun 30, 2008
Have you noticed how much you hear the "R" word lately? There certainly isn't a shortage of news reports on negative financial news out there. As the threat of an U.S. recession continues to grow, you need to ask yourself a question:

"Would you struggle through an economical recession or would you thrive in it?"

There are several products and services that do well in recessionary times. Even as people cut back on expenses and frivolous items, there will still be some products and services that will do well in recessionary times. In fact some will actually thrive in a recession.

- Online Businesses

Online businesses are simple and inexpensive to start up and can be very profitable if done right. It is estimated that U.S. online spending will increase 17% in 2008. This double digit growth is expected to continue for many years as consumers become increasingly comfortable purchasing online and enjoy the conveniences and cost savings of not driving to the mall. Almost every aspect of starting an online business can be outsourced and with almost no overhead, profits tend to be much higher then a high risk retail store.

- Credit and Debt Management

As more American's lose their jobs to downsizing and lose their homes to foreclosures, credit ratings and debt levels are directly affected. Marketing these services is ideal but doing the actual credit repair or debt collections/negotiations can be rather difficult. By finding the right business model within these industries you can have a product in high demand.

- Healthcare

Despite a lagging economy, people will continue to need healthcare. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, so does the need for services in this industry. By finding a profitable niche in this industry you are assured to see increased demand over the next 30 years.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs during a recession and we have just touched upon what to look for. The secret to your success is "finding the right business model" to explore.

You could just as easily start a new business in any of the 3 above categories and be dragged down by a business that requires all of your time, doesn't have the profit margins needed or has high start up costs & high risks.

Don't make the mistake of starting a flawed business. Play particular attention to the type of business model you get into when looking at the above 3 industries.
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