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A Review of the Cognigen Communications Income Opportunity

Jun 30, 2008
If you have been taking a look at the various opportunities that have become available when it comes the communications industry, you already know that they are moving forward with an alarming rate of speed, but did you know that you could be a part of it? If you are thinking of joining in on the trend of mass communication, you should already be aware of the opportunities that are offered by Cognigen Communications.

Cognigen Communications is a company that will take on anyone with a computer and a certain level of determination, and if you have an interest in the ways that people reach out to each other, this might be one of the best opportunities out there for you to pursue.

The first thing that you should be aware of when to take a look at what Cognigen Communications is that there is a space for every level of experience. There are positions that are more suited to people who have been in the telecommunications industry for years, and there are similarly places for people who have simply been attracted by the idea of being part of such a vital industry. The fact is, this is a marketing opportunity, and one of the best things about it is that you can learn on the fly.

There are many tools that Cognigen Communications will provide you with in preparation for your work for their company. With a free personal website and free marketing tools, you will be in a great place to tackle everything where you need it to. You'll also find that the online reporting, you'll be able to keep good tabs on your profits, something that will never leave you feeling uncertain about what you have earned.

For Cognigen Communications, there are four ways to earn money. As with many MLM companies, you will be able to earn residuals, that is, you will receive a commission depending on the products of your marketing. For example if the billing for the subscriptions you sell come up to 4,999 dollars, you will receive 6 to 11% of this. You can also earn money through the Qualified Rep bonus.

Every time one of your recruits goes from being an Independent Rep to being a Qualified Rep, fifty dollars is paid to you as their sponsor. You can also receive promotional bonuses, whenever someone in your downline gets promoted; even down to six levels from your starting position, you will still receive this.

Finally, you will also be able to receive payment from Cognigen Communications when you consider the Generational Override. Essentially, you will find that the services which pay off residual monthly commissions are the ones that will pay up to 4% on the sales revenue below you. You'll find that the requirement needed for maintaining this position is one that is fairly simple to master, once you have started building up your downline.

As you can see, there are many reasons to get involved with the opportunity offered by Cognigen Communications. Take a look and see what this professional organization has to offer you.
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