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A Review of the Coastal Vacations Income Opportunity

Jun 30, 2008
Coastal Vacations is a Internet and Multilevel Marketing Plan that sells discounts up to 75% on regular prices on hotels, condo rentals, airfare, car rentals, etc. They do this without you having to purchase a time share or any other plan that you would have to invest money into. This is a great feature about this program, just for the flight costs themselves. Travel can be quite expensive if you don't know how to shop for bargains, which does take some time. So, this is great for those that like to pick up and just go when they want and they will always have those discounts available to them.

Coastal Vacations does offer three different levels of service. Level 1 is prices at $1295, then they sell the other packages for up to $11,000. This is a bit pricey if you ask me. The $11,000 allows you to purchase the Platinum Package with includes the Level 1, 2 and 3 packages.

Once you are a member of Coastal Vacations, you are then able to market the program. Once you are fully qualified and become a director, then you can make a $1,000 profit on each Level 1 package you sell. This may sound like a great commission, but what would you say if you have to give that $1000 to your sponsor who recruited you? You worked so hard to get that sale. Did you know that the first two sales in any marketing business are the hardest to get? Well, that brings me into the next interesting fact. When you get that second sale, looking at the commission of a $1000. Well, you have to give that to your sponsor as well. You just gave away $2000 of your first two sales that probably took you a month or more to get.

And to top it off, your sponsor, that you just gave $2000 to, is no longer your sponsor. Now that he has his money, he has no need for you anymore. You are now on your own. Hopefully you know a lot about Internet Marketing because now that you are on your own, you will need this knowledge to help you market this product.

You have another option if you feel that you can't sell it on your own. You can have the help of the "Coastal Call Center". They will actually do the presentations and selling for you. Sounds great, huh! But then there is a catch to that plan. They add an additional $700 to the price to their share of the sale.

So that Level 1 package that sold for $1295, now sells for a whopping $1995. To me this sounds a bit unfair and a bit unethical. If I had purchased a package and found out that I could have purchased it for $700 less just by going through an individual sales rep, I would be pretty upset and cancel my membership. It just seems that the customer should be made aware that they have a choice to purchase it there for such and such price, or find an individual sales rep and save $700.

There is a way to make an income working in Coastal Vacations, but it will be difficult just like in any other MLM business. You will need to be skilled in Internet Marketing and in Sales or this will end up being extremely difficult and time consuming for you. While a few do make money, the majority are either off to the next flavor of the week or back to focus on their J.O.B.
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