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A Review of the Citizenre Income Opportunity

Jun 30, 2008
Whether you are an ecologist or just an environment-friendly homeowner, you may have already heard about the opportunities offered by Citizenre, a multi-level marketing operation whose chief concern is the ability to make solar energy available to a wide number of people through out the United States.

Citizenre's claim is that they will be able to cheaply and inexpensively outfit more than 100,000 homes per year with solar energy is a fairly bold one, and it is one that is being heeded with joy by ecologists all over the country. Yet how does Citizenre stack up in terms of business? Is this a firm that you want to trust your money to? To answer that question, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

The first thing to think abut is that there has little to no financial work that has been made public. Although the promises are good, the reticence of the company to come forward in this way seems to indicated that there are no plans to move ahead with it. Currently, many citizens are waiting on Citizenre to make good on its promises and because of that, they are declining offers from Photovoltaic dealers, known traders in the field of solar energy.

While browsing the Citizenre site, one is struck by how straightforward and simple everything is. However, if you have ever worked with solar energy, or even with any sort of ecological concern, it is clear that there are no easy answers. This is problematic when you take into account the fact that is all that Citizenre seems to want to put forth.

There is also a larger problem that is connected to Citizenre, should the company fail or disappear. Many Photovotaic distributors will be driven out of business as people wait for Citizenre to make good on its promises and it is very clear that if they do not, that the history of solar power in the United States will be pushed back many years. There are many different ways to look at it, but the first thing to keep in mind is that if the company fails there is a lot more at stake than just the money that you have put into it.

Before you join this company you may want to consider upline hunting. This isn't always done in one day, it can take weeks to finally find the appropriate upline sponsor. You may have to do a few interviews so you can find out for yourself which one is the best fit. If they understand how to market on the internet and have a great recruiting track record that's a good start anyway. Then make sure they are willing to get on a three way call with you and any potential prospects that you bring to the table.

If you are in a situation where you are considering the power and feasibility of putting solar power into your home, make sure you examine your choices thoroughly; solar power is something that can very easily affect the world down the road!
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