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A Review of the Cookie Lee Income Opportunity

Jun 30, 2008
Cookie Lee is the president and the founder of Cookie Lee. She wanted to have a business that would her to be home with her kids. She began by selling jewelry to her family and friends in 1985. Her business began to grow and see saw that selling jewelry would help other women to have a business of their own. And now there is a direct sales company that is offered to the public since 1992.

She has become known for her affordable and high quality fashion accessories that are inspired by contemporary designs and the always-loved basics. Cookie Lee jewelry is delivered directly to the customer through shows that are done in the customer's homes. There can be office shows, fundraisers as well.

The company has a beautiful website where you can view the catalogs and read more about the company and Cookie Lee herself. This is a network marketing business that allows you to earn through your sales and you can earn by recruiting other sales representatives into your business to work with you. You will train them and help them get started. Cookie Lee provides great support in helping you with training and gives a lot of support.

As an independent sales representative, you can earn 50% on each item you sell. That is great, just don't let anyone know you have markup that high. After you pay your initial start up fees, you will then have to purchase $300 worth of product a year. That is only $25 a month. Then you sell as much as you want. You can have as many shows as you want per month. Depends on how much you are willing to do and how much you want to earn. They say the average show sells about $400-$500. Your sales will only depend on you and your skills in sales.

One sales rep reported that her director of sales made $11,000 commission check in one month, but she had been in Cookie Lee for 5 years. But her immediate director, in that same month only made $110. Something you may want to check out like I did, is that you can find Cookie Lee jewelry on Ebay at the price that would cover your tax. But there are a few other sites on Ebay of distributors trying to sell their inventory just wanting to get out of the business and that seems to be the fastest and easiest way for them.

There are great rewards offered for a hostess to do a show for you, so this does make it easier to get some bookings. I have done home shows in the past and I always found them to be very fun and enjoyable. If you are a people person and love to mingle with others, then this may be a great job for you. Just look around your area and see what your market would want. Do you know a lot of women who would buy jewelry and who are used to and willing to spend the higher prices for costume jewelry? If you do, then after thoroughly checking out the company, give it a try.

Always keep in mind when running a business of this sort, that you do have inventory at first to purchase, catalogs, etc. But this is all tax deductible so keep good records. If you don't like this, then you can go on to the next "business of the month." Good luck in your search for financial freedom and for something you will love.
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